Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Little Nail Hut ♡

Heh yay to being more hardworking and posting more regularly on my blog! (:

Went to do my nails with Cleo last Thursday, and we were very very blessed to be sponsored by Bernice, who's a nail manicurist and she runs her own nails business at home which is at Kovan and it's called The Little Nail Hut! I usually don't get to do my nails very often, and so I was really really elated to be able to have this nails session especially for the CNY season (: On top of that, it's my first time doing gelish nails too!

Colour Palettes 

Nail Designs!

Bernice's Trophies in a nails competition! (:

Bernice was really hospitable and the cozy space she uses for nails is on the second floor of her home, and it has a couch for friends to chill around on while waiting for their turn(which was what Cleo and I did!). It's my first time doing my nails at a home-based sort of environment, and it was really nice because it's quiet and very comfortable unlike usual nail parlours where the manicurists would be rushing around when the place's crowded. 

Pretty nails in progress!

I picked a floral motif design which I saw online while googling for ideas, and Bernice suggested a lovely pearly  base to go with it. The flowers are intricately painted by her, and each nail is unique on it's own (:

Us with Bernice after our manicure session (:

Before I end off, here are some photos of my nails! I've left all my photos in this post unedited, so it's really the true colours of what you'll see here: 

My nails under natural light

Under dim lighting/indoors

Posed with my favourite Love, Bonito Curcio Clutch in silver here as well:

Love how the pearly base with the pastel florals exudes a girly but yet classy vibe, and I'm really glad I went ahead with the pearly base instead of the white base I had initially wanted to get (: Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at The Little Nail Hut, and it was a great time getting to know Bernice as well as spending some girly time with my fellow LB fan Cleo hehe (: 

Oh yes, Bernice charges $48 for a gelish manicure complete with classic manicure services and a soak-off to remove the gelish manicure as well. Nail art prices vary at different prices, depending on what sort of design you're thinking of going for! For mine, it required more painting and delicate skills so it'll be an additional $40 more for the nail art. 

 So if you're looking to do your nails, don't hesitate to try out The Little Nail Hut! (:

Can't wait for the week to end and then it's gonna be CNY! Hang in there everyone 

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