Friday, 29 April 2016


Sunday - Tzu and I visited a cafe called Wilder last Sunday! (:

It was actually introduced by one of my colleagues! She actually went back twice last week cause she loved the food and place so much heh. So, we decided to give it a try!

The space was pretty quiet when we arrived for lunch! The cafe only opens at 12.30 pm, and it was pretty quiet when we arrived. The space was simple and I love the grey washed walls and the pipe lighting (: Plus, the food served here's halal! 

The staff serving us were really nice and they actually have surprise mains on the menu too, which changes from time to time I think. We actually wanted to try the burgers, but unfortunately, they weren't available that day. 

So, we ordered a mocha, the salted egg fries to share and the surprise mains for that day - Baked chicken leg and salmon pasta! 

The mocha was quite good, I liked it! (: Really chocolate-y and smooth. Brought out my Printwich snaps for Tzu to look at, and I gave some of the photos for him to put up at his work space heh. Looking at the snapshots make me miss our travel days so, so much!

Our next trip's probably only gonna be in September only, so it's gonna be another 5 months before we jet off together ):

Mmm, the fries smelt really good. 

We loved the fries and finished every bit of it hahaha. The fries were crisp and had lots of taste of the salted egg yolk (: 

This was Tzu's Baked Chicken leg, which came with mashed potatoes and a red cabbage slaw. The chicken was quite tender, but the mash was kind of a let-down cause it was too runny though!

Pasta was quite yummy! The sauce had chili padi bits in it and I loved that it had that spicy tang (: Ah, I'm actually hungry while typing this now...

Wished we had more space to order the Calamari tossed in Salted Egg yolk, which my friend raved about but we were really full after we finished everything we ordered. So, I guess we'll be back another day to try out the calamari. I'm too curious to pass it up since my colleague said it's really delicious heh. 

We spent about 2 hours just eating slowly and talking about everything else in between. The cafe only had about 4-5 other people and it was kinda nice that we came across Wilder, cause we loved the fact that it's quite a hidden gem and not that packed just yet (: Sundays are best spent over conversations and good food. 

Wilder Cafe
749 North Bridge Road
(S) 198717

Love, Jo 

Friday, 22 April 2016

Knit and Pleats.

I often wish that Singapore would have 4 seasons so we could dress up for fall. I love fall fashion the most - the jackets, layering and boots all come out play heh. Tzu and I have discussed to head to Korea this September, and I'm super excited cause it's gonna be close to fall and I can't wait to see the fall foliage and go hiking in that weather!

This outfit was put together for Uniqlo and somewhat inspired by fall outfits - I picked out a moss green knit vest and a classic grey pleat midi skirt to pair it with. I'm definitely guilty of hogging pleat skirts for sure; I think I own about 5-6 of them in different colours! 

Completed my outfit with my trusty pair of booties from Clarks, which are crazy comfortable - they don't give blisters at all and the workmanship is just superb on this pair of shoes. And lastly, also featuring a cute bag from @Tallulah.Bag on Instagram which is a store based in Bangkok. They carry really cute designs and the one I have is actually called the Riley (: 

Outfit details:
Knit vest and pleated skirt: Uniqlo
Shoes: Clarks

Love, Jo 

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Australia 2015: Hobart, Tasmania - Battery Point in the night.

Left off at Mount Wellington previously from the previous travelogue post and we actually headed to Cargo bar pizza lounge for dinner which is located at Battery Point, a suburb area which has a few eatery points and the Salamanca market is also held there on Saturday mornings (: 

The atmosphere was absolutely wonderful and it was buzzing with life despite the fact that it was a Monday night. Soft lights coupled with a glass of wine and awesome food while watching the world go by - ah, life. We had a pizza and some tacos - we picked the Salmon Mascarpone Pizza and the Pulled pork Tacos, which were both done really well and really delicious for a chilly night out. 

Not too sure if these lights were up because of the upcoming festive Christmas season back then, but it looked really whimsical and gorgeous against the night skies and trees (': 

Love, Jo 

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Respite in painting: Artify studio!

Spent my Saturday night over at Artify Studio, where Tzu and I attended an art jamming session termed Canvas Collective! 

I'm basically a person with zero painting experience or what not, I think the last time I painted a picture was probably back in secondary school - same for Tzu?! But I thought it was pretty interesting and I convinced Tzu to go for it with me hahaha. 

All materials are provided for - aprons, paint, the canvases, brushes, even sample pictures/photos for inspiration of what you'll like to draw (: Snacks and drinks are also provided if you get hungry!

This session was pretty interesting as well - everyone who came had a specific colour given and you had to "earn" your colours for the painting! We were told to prep 2 truths and 1 lie and everyone had to guess which was the lie, if you guessed correctly, you'll be able to earn the person's colour for your painting.

As you can see, I only had 4 colours on my palette and so did Tzu haha. 

Picasso Tzu in progress as seen below hahaha. I seriously think he is secretly artistically inclined, he didn't need much guidance at all!

TADA! Here's his green coloured rabbit (some of our friends thought it was an antelope when they saw the photo of it?? Hahaha):

And... my painting of Totoro heh!

Happy us! (:

Basically, for most of their art jamming sessions - it works on a pay-what-you-want basis, and a portion of the proceeds actually goes to charity (: I really really enjoyed myself and I thought the cause for this project is pretty amazing and I absolutely love the idea of it. Do sign up for their next available Canvas Collective session happening on 23rd April (here!) if you're interested (: 

Or else, there are also other projects that they are running as well that you can participate in with your friends or other half for a fun date night out - you can check them out on their webpage over here! (:

Love, Jo