Sunday, 10 May 2015

Labour Day - Froth SG

Haven't had a nice long brunch date with Tzu since practicum started so I was really glad that we made time to head out last Friday for a brunch date at Froth - located at the basement of Big Hotel along Middle Road. 

We loved the space and dining area. It's open, big and not at all cramped like some of the other cafes we've been to. Tzu is a huge fan of big dining spaces because he feels pretty uncomfortable being in confined spaces hahaha, I think he cannot survive siting in Australian Dairy Co. in HK (maybe I should bring him there if we ever head to HK lol).

It was surprisingly empty for a public holiday (but perhaps it was due to us being there only at about 3pm or so).

Hahaha Tzu caught yawning 

And here are some selfies while waiting for our food!

We spent hours at the cafe, just talking about everything and anything under the sun and stuffing ourselves full - because as usual, we were way too greedy for our own good.

What we ordered: Cheesy Lobster Sandwich, Chilli Crab Spaghetti, Spam fries, a Flat White and Iced Mocha (plus Taro waffles with Earl Grey ice cream for dessert!)

Cheesy Lobster Sandwich - TADA, we actually came down for this (and the taro waffles) because it looked too good to be true. But yes this is the bomb, we loved it hahaha.


The Chilli Crab Spaghetti was a little spicy and definitely had some kick to it. It was pretty good I feel but the sauce felt a little watery though.

The plating - super cute cause they arranged 2 fried mantous to make the plate look like a crab!

Spam Fries next - need I say more? Fried to perfection hehe.

And yes, dessert next! Taro waffles topped off with Earl Grey Ice cream :9 - I LOVEEEE THIS -a definite must-try item for taro fans!

The inside of my waffles - yummehhhhh

Froth Cafe
200 Middle Road
Singapore 188980

Opening hours:
Daily from 1130am to 10pm (:

It was a wonderful afternoon spent with Tzu and it felt so good that we were out on a proper date as my practicum schedule had started to wind down a little during that labour day weekend (: He has been a great pillar of support during the past 11 weeks and most of our weekends during that duration were actually spent with him watching me plan lessons, do up resources for classes and mark worksheets and assignments. 

Now that practicum's over, I'm looking forward to being a student back at NIE again (although it's only for a couple of weeks) before my beginning teacher journey begins. I'm even more appreciative of what my teachers have done for me as a student, after I've become a teacher myself -  it really isn't as easy as it seems to others who aren't in the profession. 
And I'm extremely thankful for great CTs, awesome practicum batch mates and for some of the most delightful and sweet students I've come into contact with during this practicum season. 

Here's to more love, grace and patience in everyone's lives! (: 

Love, Jo 

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Orchard Central: In Full Bloom ✾ (sp)

Last Monday, I had the chance to head down to Orchard Central together with Tzu for a visit around some of the fashion stores available at the OC! (: Being right next to Somerset MRT, it's been one of the malls I frequent around when I'm around town.

There's a wide range of fashion choices available at Orchard Central and you may not know this but they actually carry quite a few homegrown fashion labels such as the Reckless Shop, Sans and Sans and SABRINAGOH.

Sans and Sans (#02-04/05)
My first stop was Sans and Sans, a lovely rustic looking shop with a wooden interior and tons of clothes, accessories and jewellery. Their items carry a modern take on orient designs; perfect for the working crowd.

Random shot captured by Tzu while I was browsing hehe

I fell in love with this blue blouse and decided to try it on with my pastel pink pants. 

I went for another look next: a pair of slim fit khaki pants and a loose fit grey and white collared blouse. So much love for the tailored pieces here!

Pleatation (#02-K6)
As the name of the store suggests, this store is all about pleats and more pleats, and yes I would love some pleats please!  Pleatation takes pleats to another level by using pleats in not just their breathtakingly beautiful dresses but also to daily items such as laptop covers, notebooks, bags and even cushion covers!

I love this laptop cover!

Wide range of prints for their crazy beautiful dresses - a perfect match for that beach getaway you've been dreaming about 

I tried on one of their dresses and oh it was so tempting really. Their dresses can be tied in various ways to achieve different looks and I tried on a grey ombre piece. 

And yes, the dress is so twirl-y! 

Up-close details of the pleats 

The Reckless Shop (#02-08/09)
We also stopped off at The Reckless Shop which makes use of edgy silhouettes and colours to achieve quirky and unique looks. I loved the shop space - it was open, fun and the racks were filled with vibrant cuts and designs. 

My pick from their new collection: a black stripes mesh piece paired with a white tank dress under. I imagine this piece with some white sneakers, a casual backpack and some shades to hit the streets on a weekend. 

Dr. Martens (#03-05)
My last stop was over at Dr. Martens. Boots - of all shades, designs, patterns - definitely a shoe lover's heaven. Aside from the boots, I found myself drawn to their leather bags as well!

The newest designs are placed right at the front of the store

Those satchels! 

And, yes I have a weakness for high cut boots. If only Singapore had 4 seasons... I once wanted to buy the printed ones but boyfriend said I siao hahaha ):

Ended off my night at The Design Supermarket by Naiise - which is held at level one of Orchard Central (till 19th May). You wouldn't want to miss it because it's filled with so much adorable, quirky, fun and funny items all together!

A guide to ordering YTF

Book of Hokkien words hahaha 

Beautiful porcelain plates  

Boyfriend posing for me with a hamburger oven mitten 

"Eat me!" says the cupcake 

And erm, this cookie butter by Speculoos is THE BOMB. Crazy delicious, no kidding.

My flatlay photo of OC purchases (:

Well, and the best news is that, OC is holding an Instagram competition where you can stand to win $200 worth of Far East Organization Mall vouchers!
All you have to do is to post a creative photo of your fashion purchases at OC or an OOTD at OC and hashtag #OCfashion (: There'll be a total of 5 winners picked and it could be you - so start snapping away! (Contest ends on 23 May 2015, 2359)

Stay in touch with Orchard Central and their events at @Orchardcentral on Instagram and hop on over to their website to have a closer look at all of the stores they have over at OC. 

Have a lovely week ahead everybody!
Love, Jo