Sunday, 3 January 2016

Australia 2015: Hobart, Tasmania - Jackman & McRoss.

Happy 2016 everyone! (:

School's gonna be starting tmr and I'm gonna be getting back to the daily grind soon D:

Anw, I'm gonna continue sharing about my Aussie trip! We tried Jackman and McRoss for lunch on our second day in Hobart, Tasmania, before heading up to Mount Wellington. 

Here's us! It was kinda funny finding parking around in Aussie - you have to be VERY sure that you've parked in the right zone or else you'll probably be getting a fine hahaha. So be sure to read the signs properly, whether its 1/2 P or 2P etc., as well as the arrow directions pointing to the zone which you can park in! 

So I'll basically be constantly asking Tzu: "Are you sure here can park? READ THE SIGN, READ IT!!!"
Tzu: "YEAH LA CONFIRM CAN, just park!"

Mmm, this display. 

We ordered the Beef pie and Scallop pie, as well as a tomato soup to share. The tomato soup was pretty damn good (must-try if you see it on their menu!) - it had like barley in it, and was perfect for the chilly weather. It was my first time having scallop pie as well - piping hot scallops were embedded in the crisp crust, super good. 

We basically idled away about a good 2 hours over here. It was pretty quiet by the time we were eating cause we reached at about 1-ish and the brunch crowd had pretty much cleared (: I read online that it's pretty popular with the locals here, so we are glad we got in a time that was not so crowded. 

Jackman and McRoss
57-59 Hampden Road, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Opening hours: 7am - 5pm

Love, Jo