Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Australia 2015: Tasmania - Airport attire.

These photos were taken right after we checked into our Airbnb over at Lenah Valley, Hobart with rows of houses lined up along the area and a lovely view of mountain tops in the background. 

For flights, I usually pick an outfit that's comfortable - especially if it's gonna be a really long plane ride! Jeans, culottes or 3/4 pants would usually be my first choice, coupled with a loose fitting top which allows me to take a nap on the plane in comfort. If you prefer something more girly, I think a casual dress would be cosy as well! I usually do without make up on a flight as well - just some lip balm to prevent cracked lips (: 

Outfit details:
Top: AforArcade's Homies Baseball Top
Jeans: (worn-to-death) Ellysage
Sneakers: Superga
Bag: Lacoste

Love, Jo 

Monday, 21 December 2015

Australia 2015: Hobart, Tasmania - the first.

Finally, it's December and my (new) favourite month of the year because its the holidays!
*throws confetti* 

Gonna be updating more regularly with posts from my recent trip to Tasmania and Melbourne with outfit posts, food places and sightseeing spots Tzu and I headed to. It's the first trip we've taken together that requires driving, road trips + domestic/connecting flights so we were a little nervous about how it was gonna pan out. 

We left on a midnight flight, and arrived in Melbourne later in the morning at about 11 am and the first thing we did was to get a local SIM card from the Melbourne airport after touching down - and we got ours at this telco called Optus. They were having a promotion - $10 each in total for our 12 days trip with coverage of 500 MB a day!

I think having data is really important especially if you're driving around because you can double check with locations with the use of Google maps and even find out information such as recommendations for food etc.

Tzu was rather unlucky as the SIM card wouldn't work for his iPhone somehow (it was locked or smth??) and he also lost his M1 card while we were checking into the domestic terminal. But, thank goodness Whatsapp still worked for his phone when he tapped onto my data via hotspot - so that's what we did throughout the entire trip - share data!

We had a quick lunch at a fast food joint inside the domestic terminal. And we were quite 'suaku' when it came to boarding the domestic flight because....

You get to walk out on the runway area from the gate to board the airplane!!!! (hahaha). We were like "wowwwwww" lol.

Anw, the domestic flight from Melbourne to Hobart is about 1 hour and 15 minutes - really fast! And we picked up our car from Budget and headed off to our Airbnb!

Just something about car rental in Tasmania is that, not all car rental companies allow their vehicles to go over to Bruny island - which we wanted to head to from Hobart, So do make sure to double check on this. (Budget is okay with Bruny island!)

We loved the house! It was really big and our host was really kind to gift us with food products such as milk, strawberries and bacon (there's more), and she also provided lots of information about Tasmania on her bookshelves etc too (:

To end off the day, we basically just headed out to the supermarket nearby (about a 3-5 min drive away) to get some groceries for dinner before turning in early to start our trip proper after the transition from Melbourne and all.

Gonna be ending here for this post - have a lovely week ahead!

Love, Jo