Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Hada Labo x Ellysage!

Hello everyone! (: So yes, I'm back to blog and this time's on Hada Labo! Thank you Ellysage for this collaboration with Hada Labo 

Well, Hada Labo is a very familiar brand and they are very much well known for their awesome moisturizing products and lifestyle philosophy of being a skincare range that's "Perfect x Simple"! (: I've actually blogged about their hydrating lotion previously before, but I'm gonna be introducing their whitening series here instead!

I'm not exactly fair I feel (cause of the years I've spent training for netball under the sun) but well it's never too late to start caring for your skin heh! (:

From left to right: Hada Labo's Whitening Face Wash, Whitening Milk and Whitening Lotion


Instructions at the back of the bottles indicate to cleanse your face using the whitening face wash, then proceed to use the whitening lotion and lastly the whitening milk! (:

Me posing with the products heh!

And here goes (I'm using the whitening lotion after cleansing my face plus I've removed my makeup as well!):

Basically, all you've got to do is to pour out some on your palms, and lightly pat the solution all around your face until your skin has absorbed the solution all around! Be careful while doing this though, cause the formula is really quite like a solution than a cream or a viscous sort of liquid. 

Aaaand, ta-dah you're done in just less than a minute! (: 

Hada Labo's products feel really mild on the skin, and it's non-sticky or greasy which is leaves your skin feeling very light (: Moreover, all of their products come without fragrances too and it's really fuss-free to use as well!

I'm looking forward to having fairer and brighter skin with this whitening series by trying to apply it every night before heading to bed (: Thank you Hada Labo and Ellsysage for sending these products my way heh (:

Stalk Hada Labo at their social media sites for promotions and more information:

Thank you for reading! 

Monday, 14 July 2014

Phantom Joker Escape! ♡ ♢ ♤ ♧

Hi everyone! I was recently invited for a game experience by Nuffnang at the Phantom Joker Escape, which is a real escape game outlet that opened in Jan 2014 (: So, a real escape game is basically a setting where players have to solve clues/mysteries in a specific game setting in a set time limit.

I was quite looking forward to this event because I've played something similar before with the boyfriend and another couple as a double date activity heh!

Phantom Joker Escape is really cool because they offer "episodes" for players to explore and solve according to a single story line, instead of the usual different "rooms/scenarios" that other real escape game outlets offer! So basically, these "episodes" are linked to each other and it works together to solve the main mystery in the entire story.

Here are some visuals of the place:

Basically, the gist of the story is that you'll be playing the role of Carl, who's a FBI agent. Carl's brother, Brook, has disappeared mysteriously and is trapped somewhere. In order to rescue your brother, you'll have to go through and solve these episodes which the Phantom Joker Escape offers (: These include, breaking into a biochemistry company, exploring spooky alien worlds and even time-traveling to ancient times!

The episode that I tried was Episode 02 - The Fallen Star in the Ancient Villa! My group was supposed to find this secret evil source of power which traces back to ancient times, and we were brought into this dim room and given candle torches as lights to search for clues.

Blurry shot of the table set

Chess pieces

I really enjoyed my experience at the Phantom Joker as it utilizes high-tech machinery for players to solve certain parts of the mystery instead of just the usual lock-and-key puzzles. Players are also required to read through clues thoroughly and work together as a team, cause even the slightest details play a huge part in the entire story! (BIG HINT here hahaha)

And trust me, you'll be super in awe of the machinery that's put in place! All of us went like "OMG!" and let off frantic stifles when we managed to solve certain parts of the room hahaha. 

Group shot with some of the other girls present (: 

Unfortunately, my group wasn't able to solve all of the parts of this episode, and the staff were really helpful in aiding and guiding us through parts of the episode when we were stuck! (: It's really fun and definitely a good bonding activity with friends or for corporate companies! Would definitely be back with my friends to try out the other episodes (: 

The Phantom Joker Escape
146 Neil Road
$22/pax (Weekdays), $28/pax (Weekends)
Opening hours: 1230 - 6pm (Mon-Fri), 11am - 1030pm (Sat-Sun and public holidays)

More information can be found at too! (: And thank you Phantom Joker Escape for having me and Nuffnang for the invite too (:

Gonna hop off to watch the World Cup now hehe, thanks for reading and have a good night everyone 

Monday, 7 July 2014

Ellysage ♡

What's Ellysage? To me, Ellysage is a store that brings in affordable fashion of various unique styles for ladies! Each piece is lovingly picked by the owners and priced reasonably so that we can all own pretty items (:

They've recently revamped their website at too! (: So, I'm here to share some of my Ellysage outfit shots that I've taken in Hong Kong and Singapore (Read on for a discount code and on how to receive a $5 store credit on Ellysage!)

Featured above:
Red Checkered Front Tie Top from Ellysage

What drew me to this top was the classic red and white checkered print of picnic mats hehe! I love pairing bright outfits so I've chosen to pair my sky blue tulle midi skirt with it to cause a splash and clash of colours. I believe in going bold in choosing your outfits especially for the Summer season, where bright shades are usually worn (: 

Featured above: 
Striped Knit Top in White from Ellysage

Well, and of course for days when colours aren't working, there's always the monochrome match to look to! (: I love this knit top for it's comfort level; it's really soft, and it gives a nice mod look when paired with shorts or short skirts. I chose to pair it with a straight cut skirt in white, some mesh heels and a denim clutch to inject some edge in the final look. I feel that it'll look great with some classic denim shorts and a cap for those dreary days spent in the library or in school (:

Striped Tank with Daisies from Ellysage

My weakness: Daisies. I love anything daisy printed, because it's just too cute! Moreover, this tank came on a stripes print + embroidered daisies heh. It's very lightweight, and suitable for the humid weather in Singapore. I paired it with a short pleated skirt in sunshine to bring out the best of the daisies (: It's definitely a keeper in my wardrobe for sure!

And yes... the discount code!

Quote "Jocina5" for 5% off your total bill (for regular priced items), and all purchases would come with free normal postage too! 

On top of that, Ellysage is giving away $5 store credits to customers who complete the Ellysage quiz:

1. Head to Ellysage's webpage at
2. Scroll down and you'll see a "Take The Quiz" button at the bottom of the page (as I have circled above)
3. Click on it, and proceed on to take the quiz and TA-DAH, $5 store credits! (:

Think it can't get any better? Well, yes it can!! :D
Every purchase would come with a free Hada Labo sample and Blink Mint Sweets (SAY YAY!)

Welll... so, let's go shopping right now!! And here's all you need to know to stalk Ellysage for their new arrivals, and the promotions they have:

Thank you for reading and shop away girls!