Friday, 19 February 2016

Australia 2015: Hobart, Tasmania - Mount Wellington.

Whoop, it's Friday and I'm just gonna be chilling at home tonight with my laptop and just laze around! And, I finally have some time to continue blogging about my Aussie trip (:

Of course, if you're heading to Hobart, you'll definitely be (must visit!) visiting Mount Wellington. 

The view driving up was already crazy amazing. It kinda looked like it was gonna rain on the way up but thank God it didn't. The skies kinda cleared up when we were nearing the top, and I think we started the drive up sometime mid-afternoon (about 3-ish, 4?). 

It was super duper cold and windy when we reached the top and I think we were just really under dressed for the weather. Headed straight for the observatory for some warmth!

This view - mad gorgeous! 

We had to keep shuffling between the observatory and heading out cause it was so so so windy and chilly! I'd really recommend having a good coat and some gloves if you're really afraid of the cold, cause there were really some people wearing beanies and boots and everything up there hahaha. 

Also insisted to take more photos for Tzu cause the place is just so beautiful and you're literally (almost) in the clouds. 

The weather started to change after we took some photos and it became kinda cloudy and dark but thank goodness it didn't rain even while we were leaving. 

And, here's Tzu fighting against the wind while he was climbing up these rocks. I couldn't even make it to where he was standing because I could really feel my feet leaving the ground and it was freaking scary hahaha. 

Gek-sai face exhibit 1 hahaha

We couldn't resist how beautiful the trees looked on the way down as well so we stopped by for more photos. 

Oh, Mount Wellington, you're amazing. And I'll be back for you, Tasmania. 

Love, Jo