Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Love, me.

I'm trying to rush out a paper I'm supposed to finish by tonight because I've been procrastinating for forever ): and it's terrible because I really like writing things that I feel strongly about or things that I'm interested or things that make me reflect about experiences and life. And writing a chemistry paper about transition metal catalysis is nothing close to any of those cases stated above, so I'm just really super sian about it zz. The woes of a Science undergraduate.

This is so me right now hahahaha.

The boy is up awake to keep me company via Skype and I'm really appreciative about it that he's staying up together with me although he has absolutely nothing to do right now hahaha. So I'm actually watching him through the video secretly now while he thinks I'm typing away for my paper, when I'm actually blogging hehe.

And he shows me this story about this old man and the love for his wife, where they're been together for 70 over years, and his dearly beloved wife has just passed on recently.

I'm absolutely amazed and touched by the depth of his love for his dear wife and it brought tears to my eyes as I watched the video and read about his story here:

It is truly bittersweet to hear him mention about how much he misses his wife, and that he just felt that it was all a dream and that the time they had together has just passed way too fast.

I guess it reminded me to always treasure the people you love and to probably appreciate and remember the good things in life. Because time just slips by and past so easily through our fingertips each passing day, and before you know it, it's gone and done. So instead of nitpicking and quarreling over little issues, perhaps we should live each day cherishing the people around us and to stop and smell the roses once in a while in life, instead of hurrying around and being lost in the rat race of success.

And, I just had this wave of inspiration to write this down right now, to remind myself of what I've watched from Fred's story today. Thoughts are always best being penned down, to remind ourselves of what we've learnt and felt at that particular moment, before we forget (:

And so, I've decided to post this in remembrance of this video, to remind myself to always treasure the times I've had and will have with Tzu and also with my lovely friends and family. Thank you for always being so understanding to my craziness and madness, and most of all thank you for loving me the way I am ♡ (:

Thursday, 8 August 2013

[Sponsorship] Liese's Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist for Wavy Hair

I've recently been sponsored by EK Media with a new hair product by Liese, which is quite known for their Bubble Hair Colour for hair dyeing purposes.

Their new launched product is named Liese's Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist for Wavy hair and here's a review about it! (: (:

I'm a girl who likes to look presentable and pretty in the mornings when I leave my house, but I'm just often too lazy to wake up earlier to wash and dry my curls nicely as well as put on makeup etc. So I end up either being late, or just looking kinda crappy as I rush out of my house to be on time (which is also why my friends/boyfriend would often only make dates with me from after 12pm onwards only and why I'm always on the lookout for all day brunch places because I just can't wake up on time for brunch ): )

So here comes Liese's Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist for Wavy Hair for lazy girls like me heh!

The basket in which the hair mist came in 

A close-up shot

The hair spray bottle and packaging

The instructions on the back of the plastic case holding the hair mist bottle

Me posing with the bottle heh

So this is what my hair looks like, on a typical day after I've showered and dried it with a hair dryer. It's extremely messy and my curls are all over the place, and super dry ):

Here are more close-ups: 

Extremely dry, uurrrghhh ):

So, I tried the hair mist on my hair, placing the bottle about 15cm away from my hair:

And then proceeded to style it by twisting my curls with my dryer for just a little bit: 

And proceeded to spray just a little more of the hair mist on the dryer ends of my hair and voila, I'm done! (:

Here are some close-ups of my hair after using the hair mist on it: 

Happy girl is me, with happier and healthier looking bouncy waves! (: 

The whole process took me about 7-8mins only, to spray on and style it (: which is pretty manageable for everyday use I think! And plus, the hair mist comes in a raspberry scent which smells great too :D

 Liese's Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist can be purchased currently at all leading pharmacies, personal care stores and supermarkets at the price of $14.90 for the trigger bottle(200ml) and $16.90 for the refill bottle(400ml). 

I will be conducting a giveaway for one bottle of Liese's Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist for Wavy Hair to one lucky reader/Instagram follower! (: Follow my Instagram account for more details! (: User name is @jocinaaa !

Giveaway contest ends on 10th August, 9pm and I'll announce the winner then! (:

Thanks for reading! :D and have a good loooooong weekend ahead!