Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Cause all of me loves all of you ♡

Ah finally back to blogging! Heh, interning has pretty much drained life out of me ): I live for the weekends! 
Anyway, I wanted to post about my most recent shoot with Tzu by HappyPhotoPeople (click on the link to the site!), which is run by Kuan Yee, who is one of my schoolmates back in TKGS heh! (: It was great fun because we went to explore the Punggol Lalang Fields at the Punggol Waterway! We kinda got lost but it was definitely worth it cause we found it in the end hehe. (Oh yes, and read on for an awesome deal!! :D)

It was such a nice afternoon for pictures with great sunlight and a little breeze. We had so much fun taking shots with her and she's really enthusiastic about photography and capturing candid moments! I laughed so so so much and she's definitely awesome at making you feel comfortable and relaxed with her conversations and antics! (Tzu and I even tried to matchmake her with one of our friends because she's just such a funny and extraordinary person hahaha)!

And so, here are some of my favourite shots! (:

Yay to piggybacks! (Y)

Me: "Even when I'm bigger sized next time, you must carry me okay."
Tzu: "Hahahahaha OKAY LAH"

"Why you pluck the lalang like this?!"


(And the next moment I knew, I fell down after spinning around with him hahaha.)


Next, we were asked to write a word/phrase that describes our significant other by Kuan! (:

Tzu being so gleeful about his word heh!

"No peeping!!"


Tzu: "Why your phrase so cool one?!" 

Silly faces (':

Ended off the day with one last shot before we left this ethereal location (':

And yes! Kuan's giving a special discount to all of my readers and followers on Instagram (: 

There'll be a 10% off for a photoshoot with her if you quote "Jocina"! And the offer lasts till 20th April 2014 (: 
So hurry and book your slots (or to enquire) with her now!

Happy Photo People (Kuan Yee)

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone! Stay happy and positive; the weekend will soon be here