Wednesday, 24 September 2014

T'was a wonderful Saturday.

Yay, so I'm back to jotting down about last (last) Saturday! (: Although I should really be doing my lesson plans instead oops hahaha. But here's a quick update with lots of visuals! (:

I was lucky to be invited to the Madame Flamingo x The Closet Lover event last weekend and so I brought my second sissy with me for some shopping! (Sorry I didn't snap any photos of the shoes or clothes cause I was too busy trying to decide with models/items to get hahaha).

With my Erjie! (:

Thank you Shi Ling for the invite, and it was good seeing many other familiar faces at the event as well (: And I finally got to meet the TCL sisters properly as well! (: Can't wait to receive the mad pretty pair of wedges I ordered!

After, I headed to Space Invasion at the Cathay to take a look at the flea! Thank you to everyone who came by and bought my clothes! (: I'm gonna be a doing an online sale soon again, so keep a look out for some great deals!

Annnndddd, my photo with Cleo won us invites to a private sale at A for Arcade that very Saturday as well, and OMG I...went nuts there hahahaha. -criessss-

With my shopping budddd

Welllll, so yup I bought lotssss from AFA that day hahaha, It's really one of my fave brands, together with Love Bonito and The Tinsel Rack. 

Ending off with some shots of my outfit that day:

On me: 
Clutch: Love Bonito's Curcio Clutch in Silver
Heels: New Look

I'm sold with this jumpsuit. The open back design adds a unique touch and I must admit, I'm quite the stickler for back designs. It's perfect for those dinner dates and wedding dinners towards the end of the year. You'll definitely not regret getting this beautifully tailored piece! Thank you Love, Bonito for sending this piece my way! 

And, here's some pictures that Cleo and I took with our newly bought AFA coats! I got the yellow and she got the blue piece (:

On us: 
Coats: AforArcade's Camden Straight Coat 

The coat's quite lightweight, and probably best for degree celsius of 12-20+ perhaps? (: The shades looked sooo chirpy and happy; I was almost tempted to get all colours of it but I restrained myself and got the yellow in the end only heh. Can't wait to wear it out on the streets on Taiwan in January (: And special thanks to AFA for having us and helping us to snap these photos!

Okay, I'm gonna get back to work for now (urpsss it's 1am alrd hahaha). Counting down to December, but well baby steps first, so here's to counting down to the weekend! 

Love, Jo 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Shake it off.

But I keep cruising
Can't stop, won't stop moving
It's like I've got this music in my mind
Saying "It's gonna be alright."

My current mantra song.

When life gets you down, shake it off. It's always your choice whether or not it's gonna be a great day! (:

Spending the rest of my Saturday night finishing up Ed. Psych work (booooo) although I must say that, I did enjoy the bulk of my day today. 

More updates coming up, I promise 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Preppy fun! ☼

Ah, so I've abandoned my blog for quite a while now cause I've been quite swarmed with school. It's been quite taxing with the workload sigh. 

September's been busier than ever, with my full timetable kicking since the past week. Travelling to school just becomes such a chore to me because its a good 1.5 hours route to school everyday from Monday to Friday (so basically, waking up about 2 hours in advance of my class starting is barely enough time for me to get to school). Plus, it's extremely hard for me to get out of bed because hahaha I just love sleeping?!

Anyway, enough ranting; I will be a survivor -FLEX MUSCLES-

Can't explain how much I'm longing for December to arrive; I'm counting down to each weekend. 12 more weeks to the arrival of December heh so I can head off to BKK and Taiwan!

Onward to a fashion feature: here are some snapshots which the boyfriend took for Cleo and I on Friday! Thank you Tzu, for being so ever patient with my clothes obsession hehe 

I have an absolute weakness for preppy items, and this dress is just too cute to be missed with its pleated skirting and contrasting white collar. We've paired it with Love Bonito's Arlette Crossbody Bag which is an adorable addition to my growing collection of bags with it's round body and eye-popping shades! (:

And yes, I'm guilty; I got both items in 2 colours. Hehe.

Love, Jo