Sunday, 7 September 2014

Preppy fun! ☼

Ah, so I've abandoned my blog for quite a while now cause I've been quite swarmed with school. It's been quite taxing with the workload sigh. 

September's been busier than ever, with my full timetable kicking since the past week. Travelling to school just becomes such a chore to me because its a good 1.5 hours route to school everyday from Monday to Friday (so basically, waking up about 2 hours in advance of my class starting is barely enough time for me to get to school). Plus, it's extremely hard for me to get out of bed because hahaha I just love sleeping?!

Anyway, enough ranting; I will be a survivor -FLEX MUSCLES-

Can't explain how much I'm longing for December to arrive; I'm counting down to each weekend. 12 more weeks to the arrival of December heh so I can head off to BKK and Taiwan!

Onward to a fashion feature: here are some snapshots which the boyfriend took for Cleo and I on Friday! Thank you Tzu, for being so ever patient with my clothes obsession hehe 

I have an absolute weakness for preppy items, and this dress is just too cute to be missed with its pleated skirting and contrasting white collar. We've paired it with Love Bonito's Arlette Crossbody Bag which is an adorable addition to my growing collection of bags with it's round body and eye-popping shades! (:

And yes, I'm guilty; I got both items in 2 colours. Hehe.

Love, Jo 

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