Monday, 19 June 2017

Summer midis.

The embroidery trend in clothing this year is all the rage recently and I've bought quite a number of embroidery pieces as well oops heh. 

Mixed feelings about the summer break coming to an end as I'm preparing to dive back into work once more, but excited to see some of the best colleagues ever from their vacation break (': 

Completed the look with a straw clutch I got for a steal in Yogyakarta, Indonesia a couple of years back and a floppy hat! Gotta love shopping overseas when you find awesome buys (: Sandals are from Zalora, and the dress's from!

The wrap midi has floral embroidery at the front and at the borders of the collars. Sleeves are elasticised and tends to create a slightly puffed-up look when you bend your arms - I love how vintage it looks actually. 

Love, Jo 

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Summer ready.

Hey there, Summer break! 

Thank God for vacations, really needed the time to just unwind. Dressed up a little for the weekend for movie night with Tzu - we finally caught Wonder Woman and omg Gal Gadot is just amazing. She actually filmed part of the movie when she was pregnant and also, how the heck does she still look so good after having 2 kids is beyond me! #goals

When I think about summer, I think of maxi skirts, cami tops, stripes, denims, sandals, straw hats and bags - can't wait to style more items in my wardrobe differently!

Paired my nutmeg flutter sleeve top with a old fave in my wardrobe, a weighted white maxi skirt with open flaps in the front together with some cross-strap sandals in black and a black sling bag for an evening around town. A white maxi skirt is a must-have in the wardrobe, it goes with anything and everything! 

My shoes and bag are from Zalora which I think is great for getting affordable items especially if they are on sale - but I think I bought a pair of sandals once and it kinda like snapped after about 3-4 wears ): but the rest of the items I've got from them so far have been ok though! My bag's still good (: 

Top's from Fashmob and skirt's from Runwaybandits - some of the online brands I love and frequent! Also, loving the rings I got from F21 - a pineapple and watermelon ring (if you can spot from the photos!) 

Love, Jo 

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Ain't no fancy pants.

We're entering into April soon! 2017, you're passing by too quickly.  

A quick post on this pair of pants which is a huge fave in my wardrobe + Tzu took v nice shots that day just using his iPhone so... here's a new style post! 

I'm guilty of owning many colours of an item I like, and the Stans... well, I'm not proud of how many colours I own of it to be honest oops (6/7? I'm not really sure *twiddles thumbs). The other pair of pants which I own in that many colours is the Lucky Strike and they are really comfy and easy to pair with too. Gotta love Aforarcade's take on pants! 

But of course, I love the Stans just that teeny bit more because it's slim cut and really flattering on the body. Plus, you can dress it up by both tucking in your top or out, and you'll still look equally chic and put together. 

Kept things simple with a black and white striped shirt scored in BKK for only $8, a roomy roll-up brown clutch and some mules. 

Personally, I love neutral shades such as brown, beige and khaki. It's easy to use these neutral shades and they are really flexible as they go well with a wide range of colours. They are also easy on the eyes without being too harsh as well.

I also tend to get drawn to colours such as mustard, burnt orange and olive. More than pinks and reds actually. Blue's an ultimate fave, especially navy or light blue. And of course, white's a staple - when in doubt, go for white (:

Love, Jo 

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Denim on Denim.

It's March...already?! Crazy how fast 2017 has been passing! I feel like I'm just trying to stay afloat the entire time through 2017, but thankful that I've made it well so far heh. Just came back from a short Bangkok trip cause Tzu had to make his wedding suits (:

Tried out a denim x denim outfit 2 weeks back, and there's lots of different ways to pair denim with denim - you can choose to go with different washes of denim or designs, you can also choose to stick with the same/similar wash of denim for your top and bottom too. 

Scored the cutest pair of boyfriend jeans in my wardrobe which comes with heart cutouts from and paired it with a sleeveless denim top from The Tinsel Rack.

What I love about denim on denim outfits is that you can make the style either really casual/street with accessories such as caps, sneakers and backpacks, or you can also go for a more polished look by pairing it with a fancy pair of earrings and heels. Either way, it'll look awesome! 

Tzu thinks my jeans are a little too weird for him but, I love them? It goes right next to my tassel jeans for sure haha.

Love, Jo 

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Tulles and sneakers.

Happy 2017! (: 

It's crazy how fast 2016 passed and everything's just moving so quickly. Aiming to do more posts over this year haha just to document moments and share about outfits too. Finally worn out this pretty romper and tulle set which I've kept in the closet for the longest time ever and thanks to Des who helped me snap the photos while we were out the other day! 

I'm guilty of owning too many tulle skirts for my own good but I just couldn't resist this cute set which consists of a romper and a see-through matching tulle skirt from Klarra -  so you can wear them together or just the romper on its own. Opted for some comfy white sneakers (fave pair at the moment from Novesta) together with an oversized denim clutch (scored it in HK quite a while back) for a more casual look. 

Tulle skirts are really quite versatile as they can be paired with a tee or sweater for a more dressed-down feel or with a more dressy top such as a lace top or a camisole for a more glam look. And of course, every girl needs a pair of comfy sneakers to take her to many, many, awesome places heh. 

Always up for trying out new styles and I've also been watching this drama recently in which the female lead dresses up in these awesome vintage items and I just love the combinations so much! Hopefully I can find the time over the weekend to try out some of the ideas in my head. 

Weekends are always way too short, am looking forward to the long weekend during CNY and all the yummy goodies, seeing everyone dressed up in new clothes and the angbaos!

Love, Jo