Tuesday, 19 November 2013

[Review] Whisper Cosmo: 3 Dimensions of Freedom

Just a heads up, this post is for the ladies! 

I'll be reviewing about Whisper Cosmo, which is a new line launched by Whisper for sanitary napkins! (: I was approached by CozyCot to do a review on this line of pads recently launched by Whisper, and was given a box of Whisper Cosmo Heavy Day Wings (24cm) to try out (:

Firstly, these are the things I really dislike about pads in general:
1. The feeling of it sticking onto your skin(both because of the rate of absorbance and the thickness of it), especially when the weather's mad humid/hot or when you're working out (UGH)
2. I feel generally inclined to not move about as much in comparison to when I'm not having my time of the month

So I was excited about being able to try out the Cosmo, to see if it would be better than the current ones I was using for myself! 

The packaging

Opened up

And here's a short introduction video on it:

Basically, the Whisper Cosmo has 3 key features:
1. 3x more absorbency than a woman needs on her heaviest days
2. 360 degrees freedom of movement (Made of a new material known as Lactoflex, which would enable more movement to ladies when using it)
3. Incredibly dry and gentle to skin

So here's my take on it after using it recently; it's definitely much better in comparison to the usual cotton and thick pads I use! Whisper Cosmo definitely made my time of the month much more bearable and comfortable. 

It's incredibly thin, and definitely has a much drier and less bulky feel to it as compared to the ordinary sanitary napkins I've been using. I've tested it for a workout session as well: 

I thought back about the days where I had to go for trainings during the time of my month and how uneasy it felt to have the sanitary napkin sticking on my skin. The Whisper Cosmo made it more comfortable to be able to move around, and certainly felt more pleasant on the skin!

Still unconvinced? Here's a chance for you girls to give it a try now! 

All you've got to do is to fill up your details in the box on the right hand side of my blog (it's that easy!)
 First 50 ladies would be able to get a box for trial, and don't forget to review your own experience of it too as well! (: 

That's all for today, I'll be going back to revision for the semester's exams now 

Monday, 18 November 2013

I don't know about you, But I'm feeling 22.

So I've recently turned 22(about a month ago oops hahaha), and I'm gonna be blogging about my birthday date on 23rd October!

The boyfriend turned up at 12 midnight on my birthday and surprised me with this beautiful cake of mint coloured roses and a present. He had already notified my parents and sisters about staying over to surprise me! Super sneaky of him, cause he was telling me that he wouldn't be able to meet me till tmr.

The stunning cake, in my favourite minty tones, thank you tzu 

The Chocolate cake hidden beneath the mint ombre roses, YUM

My birthday present: A Kenneth Cole watch from the boy which comes with 2 different colored straps which I can interchange in accordance to my outfit colours! Loving the simplicity of the watch (':

In all my unglam-ness of frizzy and unkempt hair, I'm 22! 

So the next day, we headed out to catch a movie(Prisoners which starred Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal) in the late afternoon before heading for dinner. 

I wore Love, Bonito's Maddox Maxi for the date out. This dress is so form-fitting and perfect for special occasions. The slits are subtly showing some legs when you walk, and the cut outs accentuate the waist line well! The prints are layered in hues of green, blue and white in a pretty pattern. 

He refused to tell me where was the dinner place booked, so I was clueless all the way till we arrived at the Keppel Bay and I saw the entrance sign which listed the restaurants there. I was like, "Are we going to Prive??" And he was like: "EH how you know?!" Hahaha. 

The skyline while we were walking in

:P & :O

HI VIDEO! (I realized I must take more videos to remember events and stuff, although this video is really quite retarded)  I've been trying to take more videos of my dog, so that I can collect more memories of her cute antics and such (:

And we arrived at Prive! (:

HI boyfriend!

The Menu!

Sweet Potato Crisps

Bread Basket with Butter

Mini Prawn Cakes which left us wanting more

Prive's service was excellent and they were really generous with tastings and free bites. We got the Sweet Potato Crisps and Prawn cakes on the house that night, even before we ordered our appetizers and main courses. 

We ordered the Lobster Bisque for an appetizer to share, and a side of Buttermilk Onion Rings. They actually asked if we would like to split the portion of Lobster Bisque into two bowls so we could each enjoy a bowl on our own, which was a really nice gesture I felt! (: So we didn't need to pass the bowl around or end up with unsightly soup drips on the table hahaha. 

Generous Lobster chunks!

Buttermilk Onion Rings: they melt in your mouth!

And for the main courses:

AUS Grain-fed Hanging Tender, served Medium (what Tzu had)

Whole Roasted Cornish Game Hen (what I ordered)

The food was really good! Tzu's beef was super tender, and my chicken was moist and the mash potatoes was so creamy and milky! But the only bad thing was that I realized that my chicken wasn't cooked all the way through when I started eating towards the inner parts of the dish. They immediately took it away from me and served it back to me with the entire portion cooked thoroughly, so I was okay with it after! 

We ordered desserts next but before the cake we ordered was served, the waiter appeared out of the blue with this slice of cake:

So, it turned out that, Tzu had alrd ordered this slice of cake earlier on with Prive heh!

(': So blessed (hahaha please ignore the reflection of the candle light on my tooth -.-)

On top of the birthday slice, we had ordered the Molten Lava Cake as well: 

Both cakes were really yummy and rich. We were so stuffed but managed to finish off both desserts at the end heh!

The outdoor patio of Prive

The night view

Us at the end of the night 

I had the most wonderful evening celebrating my birthday with Tzu that night, and I'm so happy to have him as my other half (': Thank you for accepting crazy habits of mine like my obsession with clothes and shopping and the taking of OOTDs (hahaha). Thank you for loving me not only on my best days, but for holding my hand through my bad days as well. I love you; till the end of time