Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Sunday's Brunch at The Cornerstone ☼

Ah, I've been missing again! ): But yes! I'm back with an update from an event that I was kindly invited to by Gwen from Nuffnang.

It was a Sunday brunch affair held at The Cornerstone (located at Bishan Park) together with radio DJs from Power 98 and 88.3 Jia Fm and local bloggers! (:

I attended the event together with my LB shopping girls and we were one of the earlier ones so we took some shots:

Shortly after, the event started and the DJs took over and began on introductions (: Basically, the microphone was passed around and everyone gave a short introduction about themselves, including us hahaha. It was really funny because all of us were like "Oh nooooo..." and everyone started panicking hahaha. 

Meanwhile, food was served by the staff from The Cornerstone in tasting portions, and they were all pretty yummy! 

Oh I loved these. Smoked Salmon served with a sort of creamy cheese sauce in a small cone! :9

Who doesn't love good ol' sausages for brunch?

Pork belly served over a unique tasting sauce, the pork was really succulent and delicious! (:

There were also games lined up for everyone to participate in, and Gerri was called up! Hahaha this was a game of passing-down-charades, and basically the last person has to guess what everyone else has been acting. There was a song-guessing competition as well, and Cleo and I won a goodie bag each for guessing songs! :D

AND, this was the desserts spread! Hehe, can't explain how happy I was to be able to try all these sweet treats, and they looked so very pretty as well :9

Hi, fluffy marshmallows.

"Hand over the cookie(s) and nobody gets hurt."

Oh, chocolate.

Ended off the event with more shots: 

With Sonja, who's a Power 98 DJ and she does the Power Breakfast Show on weekday mornings! (: 

With Jamie Yeo, who also does the Power Breakfast Show on Power 98! (She's so super gorgeous too and her daughter was super cute!) 

And more photos with some of the bloggers present as well: 

 With Yina! (: 

And the Ohvola sisters,

With Shine and Melissa too! (:

A selfie-shot with Dora and Sherlyn 

And the last few photos: 

It was a great Sunday morning spent with great food and company and I had lots of fun talking and taking photos with everyone! (: And I must say, I love the way the radio DJs speak. Especially for the 883 Jia FM DJs who are bilingual? They are really proficient in both Mandarin and English; super amazing! The bloggers were really friendly as well and I really enjoyed myself that Sunday (:

Ending off with my ootd shot for that day:

Top: The Tinsel Rack's Keira Crochet Top in Powder Blue
Bottom: The Tinsel Rack's Magnolia Shorts in White 

Love the powder blue and crochet details on the Keira Crochet Top and the lovely floral prints on the Magnolia Shorts from TTR (: The shirt's really lightweight and cooling, and I bought white as well but it was a little too sheer for my liking though ): so I sold it off. But the blue piece is alright and I love it so much! (: 

Oh yes, and all shots (except for the ootd and 2 photos above which I got from Sherlyn's camera) were taken with my new Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, which is kindly sponsored by Samsung to me for the next 6 months! (: It's amazing and I love the clear photos it captures and hardly any editing is needing for the photos at all! The photos on this post by the Samsung Galaxy Cam 2 aren't filtered or edited (: 

Alright, gonna head off to bed now Heh goodnight!