Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Loose lines.

I love the weekends! Friday night to Sunday afternoon's the best - because Sunday night means that Monday's approaching. Can we have 2 day work weeks and a 5-day weekend, pretty please? 

Here's featuring an outfit which I love for its comfort level - one of my fave pair of culottes which I've worn countless of times, a loose fitted white top and the most comfy sandals ever. And of course, lastly, my trusty bucket bag. Photos were captured by Tzu, while we were over at Sentosa, two weekends back. The last time we were in Sentosa together was really, really long ago. The weather was crazy hot but we had fun thinking of math activities for my students to try out heh. 

Culottes: AforArcade
Sandals: ASOS