Tuesday, 23 April 2013

You gotta get up and try, and try and try.

I'm not exactly the smartest person in my course which is why I think I often end up as a burden to my coursemates and always end up asking them lots of questions about modules we are taking. And I guess that must be mighty annoying sometimes(I'm sorry friends!) because I just can't stop till I understand a certain part which I'm confused about. 

And I swear, studying has never been so tough, not even when I was sitting for my A levels. And I'll always remember how my JC teachers told me about university being a breeze; WHAT LIESSSS BOO. 

So as I'm trying my very best here for the exams for this semester, this song is very much on replay in my head: to try and tryyyyy18 more days to freedom! and 25 days to my Taiwan trip ♥ 

Sunday, 21 April 2013


Exams are looming and I'm just the best procrastinator as usual. But I'm thankful that I only have 4 examinations to sit for, which is really such a blessing to me. Taking into account how much I dislike my core modules, studying is really such a chore. I can't wait to graduate from NTU! I can't believe I'm in Sem 2 of my 3rd year; just a little more to graduation, I can almost taste it. Just one more sem, and I'll be off to do IA(Industrial Attachment) and I couldn't be happier(because its just pass/fail and no grading is required) -throws confetti- !

Meanwhile, I'm hoping and praying hard that Tzu does well and is able to pull through his horrible last semester which is just wayyyy overloaded. I'm trying my best not to burden him in any way during this period  and to offer to help in whatever way that I can (:

On a random note, I'm just so thankful that we've been together for about over a year now already and we somehow ended up together despite going around in circles (: I couldn't be any happier being with you.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Changing the icons of your iphone app! (:

My super cute icons on my iPhone now:

Came across this cool app somewhere via Instagram and got linked to this blog post about it! The app's name to use is called CocoPPa, and I think it's a Japanese app? If I'm not wrong! (: Here's the link to the blog post for the tutorial ((:

It gives a step by step tutorial of how to use the app, and its really easy once you get the hang of it. However, some negative pointers are that, your apps would take a second slower to open up after you give it a new icon as this whole idea utilizes a shortcut to the app you've replaced. And another negative point is that, you cant replace most of the iPhone fixed applications(those that you cannot delete and comes in your iPhone set when you purchase your phone).

But if you can overlook the cons(like me, cause I think it's too cute to pass up), then you can start picking those cute and colourful icons to switch to on your phone! 

New Blog! (:

So, I decided to get a new blog, since I'll be going off to Taiwan soon and I wanna do a travelogue! (: and feel this space in with all things happy and lovely.