Tuesday, 23 April 2013

You gotta get up and try, and try and try.

I'm not exactly the smartest person in my course which is why I think I often end up as a burden to my coursemates and always end up asking them lots of questions about modules we are taking. And I guess that must be mighty annoying sometimes(I'm sorry friends!) because I just can't stop till I understand a certain part which I'm confused about. 

And I swear, studying has never been so tough, not even when I was sitting for my A levels. And I'll always remember how my JC teachers told me about university being a breeze; WHAT LIESSSS BOO. 

So as I'm trying my very best here for the exams for this semester, this song is very much on replay in my head: to try and tryyyyy18 more days to freedom! and 25 days to my Taiwan trip ♥ 

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