Monday, 4 November 2013

Bangkok Travelogue: Day 2!

School's been utterly crazy and it's my hell week with all the deadlines coming ughhhh.

Looking back at my BKK days, makes me feel much much better. So here goes: BKK Day 2! (:

We woke up at about 9 am the next day, and went down for breakfast! Tango provides daily breakfast with just an additional $1 on top of the hotel booking fee. However, breakfast is just very simple fare, with some eggs, sausages and bacon which you can order from the kitchen. There is also bread, beverages, porridge, fruits and some local dishes served as a buffet style. I would say that it's worth the $1, but definitely not something you'll want to eat every day on your vacation! (We ended up only eating twice, out of the 5 days we were there).

The Dining Area

Sausages, Eggs, Ham and Bacon

Fresh Fruit

Headed out towards Platinum Mall for the late morning to do some light shopping before lunch. Tango is about a 10 minutes walk away from Platinum Mall, so we walked! (: We actually spent most of our time walking to locations or just riding the BTS during this trip so as to be able to splurge on other stuff.

What I wore: Striped Shirt from ASOS, Steffie Embossed Skirt in Black from Love, Bonito, paired with my New Look Sandals which I got from ASOS.

Platinum Mall is hugeeee and girls can go wild and crazy there for sure, with rows and rows of stores waiting for you to dig in and spend all your money hehehe. 

There are basically 2 buildings of Platinum Mall. They are located next to each other, and the newer one is the one with Mcdonalds'.

The newer building is smaller and consists of 4-5 levels. There are bags and shoes here and clothes as well. The older building has 6 levels and a basement, and consists of mostly women's clothing, but they have Men's apparels as well. There's a level dedicated to Accessories as well too! (:

So, we decided to start from the older and bigger building, on the 4th level as there are Men's stores for the boyfriend to look through as well so that he wouldn't be too bored hahaha. 

Men's basics going for only 100 baht

I love this store, as they sold many skorts and shorts for reasonable prices! (:

Shirts for guys only at 250 Baht, but unfortunately, there weren't any big enough to fit Tzu ):


Cute Threadless-sort of printed tees

With our shopping! :D

We spent about 2-3 hours combing the entire Level 4, and the thing about my experience at Platinum was that, they allowed us to go try the items in the toilet. However, some store owners would insist that you need to pay up first, before being able to try. The storekeepers would allow us to change for a different sizing if the size you've initially picked, doesn't fit. It's quite a good idea though I feel, cause the saddest thing is to buy something and try it back at the hotel, and realize that it doesn't fit which happened to me for a buy which I got from Chatuchak ): So I thought it was pretty awesome to be able to try and exchange for sizes at Platinum on the spot! (:

We shopped till about 1pm, then we left to go grab lunch at Greyhound Cafe at Siam Center. They have a few branches around Bangkok, but the Siam Center's branch was the closest to us so we walked over from Platinum. I had read online that Greyhound's pretty good for their food, so I was excited to try it! (: 

The Menus

We waited pretty long for about half an hour for our seats cause it happened to be rather crowded that day. So do be prepared to wait if you're heading to this branch!

Finally, we got seats and were ready to order (:

Close-up of the menu 

Complimentary Bread and Butter

We ordered quite a few items cause we were starving hahaha. 

Thai Style Spicy Spaghetti 
The spice was really good, and the seafood was fresh (:

Greyhound's Elvis Burger
Tzu thought the burger was not bad and quite delicious overall! But the waiting time for this was like super long, I finished my spaghetti before his meal even came :O

Healthy Berry Smoothie(I forgot the name of this drink but it's really refreshing, not overly sweet and super good)

Beef Lasagna 
Sauce of the lasagna was yummy and beef bits were pretty generous. However, the portion is really small though, not worth the price paid. I would suggest to skip this! 

Skinny Fried Wings
We waited about an hour for these wings, my goodness. But I guess they were worth the wait because they were really crisp and yummy! Must-try for sure.

Overall, I would say the food was quite okay and rather yummy. But the waiting time and the service was super bad and inefficient really. I got so mad waiting for the wings because they were serving wings to people who entered later in to the cafe?! Rather disorganized and whenever we asked a waiter about the wings, they would just nod their heads but no action to the kitchen was taken or anything. It was really frustrating. I would suggest going to the other branches if you'll like a better dining experience for sure.

After the meal, we continued shopping around Central World and eventually, back to Platinum Mall (:

We didn't buy anything from Central World though, because the items were more expensive? Definitely a place to skip if you're on a budget or would like cheaper clothes to buy! (: Shopped till about the evening and most stores start closing at about 630pm to 7pm in Platinum Mall. 

We continued walking along the streets outside Platinum and down the road towards Pantip Plaza as we wanted to visit the A&W for a rootbeer float heh! :D Many street stalls pop out long the streets in the evening till late at night, and there are pretty good deals to be scored there! 

After, we settled for a quick dinner at one of the small streets at an eatery next to Shibuya Mall which was across the from Platinum Mall and Pantip Plaza. 

Food was so-so but I must say the tom yum soup in Bangkok is really generous with their servings of prawns! Usually, in Singapore, the seafood tomyum pretty much only has 2-3 prawns max, but in BKK, there is always about 7-8 prawns in all the tom yum soups I've ordered! Absolute fan of prawns hehe. 

And more shopping along the streets! :D

I did my nails too at this street stall for manicures, which was really cheap. They had nail art designs for a range of 150-250 baht only!! It's location is outside Palladium Mall and they open from the evening till about 11pm at night if I'm not wrong (: 

The range of designs (: I picked the strawberries design, and they only cost me $150 baht!

Strawberry painted nails in progress!

My cute nails after! :D

We spoke to the owner of the nails stall who had her son helping her, and she was really friendly! It was lucky that we ran into her because we were heading to the Morning Pratunam Market the next day, and she told us how to get there(we had initially thought it was somewhere else oh my goodness hahaha).

Total loots for day 1 and 2! (:

Loving the jumpsuits(striped and floral) I got for only 500 baht in total, after haggling with the lady at the stall hehe :D And the skorts I got from Platinum too! (: 

And, so this concludes BKK Day 2! ((: Shall get back to writing my reports now (GROANS). 

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