Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Oh, Christmas (2013).

Backtracking to the 25th of December 2013 and a short post of how my Christmas went! (:

Made a reservation at Symmetry for a Christmas brunch date with Tzu, and we were really blessed to get a reservation because I think we only made it rather last minute! I've been dying to try Symmetry since forever, and hence, I was really really excited for this visit (:

Outdoor seating 

The entrance

Christmas decor (:

The Christmas Crowd at Symmetry 

So, we settled down pretty quickly and got down to ordering (: Service was really good despite the crowd though and the servers were really warm and friendly! And while waiting for the food, I snapped away on my iPhone heh.

Super adorable menu with illustrations!

(Oh how I love sunlight through window panes.)

Cute dinosaur displays (:

Me: "Eh take picture for me! I always take so many pictures of you."
Tzu: "Walao ehhhh, okay..." 

The boy with his Christmas card which I made! 

Our cappuccino (to share) was served first, and it was pretty good I think (:

The truffle fries came next, and the serving was really generous! It came in a huge metal bucket, topped with lots of cheese. And it was REALLYYYYY yummy. One of the best I've ever had actually (: Definitely a must-order item when anyone visits Symmetry and a really good appetizer/side to share with a group of perhaps 3-4 people! 


 With fries, omnomnom

I had the Big Breakfast, which is the whole brunch works with scrambled eggs, toast, hashbrown, bacon, salad, smoked salmon and a sausage.

Mmm, Big Breakfast

Tzu ordered the Hickory Corned Beef and Hash, which was a mix of potatoes, eggs and chili with mustard and carmelized shallots. 

Hickory Corned Beef and Hash

Everything together :9

We were both really happy with our mains, cause the food was really delicious! And plus, they are really generous with their portions which made us really happy(and greedy) people indeed hahaha. We couldn't finish the truffle fries in the end actually hahaha, left about a third left if I'm not wrong. We were just too stuffed!

The bill came up to about $78 I think, but I really enjoyed brunch there cause the food was really worth for the price paid and the ambience was cozy and just really comfortable (: 

After, we just walked around the Haji Lane area and took some shots!

 What I wore: Love Bonito's Denae Dress in White, size XS (: I love this piece for it's simplicity and minimal embellishments at the arm holes of the dress.

Hehe, made the boyfriend take ootd shots too:

Ending off with some shots we took! (:

Happy girl is me! (':

I'm gonna head to bed now heh! Not really looking forward to work tmr but sigh I'll pull through (: 

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