Monday, 7 July 2014

Ellysage ♡

What's Ellysage? To me, Ellysage is a store that brings in affordable fashion of various unique styles for ladies! Each piece is lovingly picked by the owners and priced reasonably so that we can all own pretty items (:

They've recently revamped their website at too! (: So, I'm here to share some of my Ellysage outfit shots that I've taken in Hong Kong and Singapore (Read on for a discount code and on how to receive a $5 store credit on Ellysage!)

Featured above:
Red Checkered Front Tie Top from Ellysage

What drew me to this top was the classic red and white checkered print of picnic mats hehe! I love pairing bright outfits so I've chosen to pair my sky blue tulle midi skirt with it to cause a splash and clash of colours. I believe in going bold in choosing your outfits especially for the Summer season, where bright shades are usually worn (: 

Featured above: 
Striped Knit Top in White from Ellysage

Well, and of course for days when colours aren't working, there's always the monochrome match to look to! (: I love this knit top for it's comfort level; it's really soft, and it gives a nice mod look when paired with shorts or short skirts. I chose to pair it with a straight cut skirt in white, some mesh heels and a denim clutch to inject some edge in the final look. I feel that it'll look great with some classic denim shorts and a cap for those dreary days spent in the library or in school (:

Striped Tank with Daisies from Ellysage

My weakness: Daisies. I love anything daisy printed, because it's just too cute! Moreover, this tank came on a stripes print + embroidered daisies heh. It's very lightweight, and suitable for the humid weather in Singapore. I paired it with a short pleated skirt in sunshine to bring out the best of the daisies (: It's definitely a keeper in my wardrobe for sure!

And yes... the discount code!

Quote "Jocina5" for 5% off your total bill (for regular priced items), and all purchases would come with free normal postage too! 

On top of that, Ellysage is giving away $5 store credits to customers who complete the Ellysage quiz:

1. Head to Ellysage's webpage at
2. Scroll down and you'll see a "Take The Quiz" button at the bottom of the page (as I have circled above)
3. Click on it, and proceed on to take the quiz and TA-DAH, $5 store credits! (:

Think it can't get any better? Well, yes it can!! :D
Every purchase would come with a free Hada Labo sample and Blink Mint Sweets (SAY YAY!)

Welll... so, let's go shopping right now!! And here's all you need to know to stalk Ellysage for their new arrivals, and the promotions they have:

Thank you for reading and shop away girls! 

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