Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Australia 2015: Tasmania - Airport attire.

These photos were taken right after we checked into our Airbnb over at Lenah Valley, Hobart with rows of houses lined up along the area and a lovely view of mountain tops in the background. 

For flights, I usually pick an outfit that's comfortable - especially if it's gonna be a really long plane ride! Jeans, culottes or 3/4 pants would usually be my first choice, coupled with a loose fitting top which allows me to take a nap on the plane in comfort. If you prefer something more girly, I think a casual dress would be cosy as well! I usually do without make up on a flight as well - just some lip balm to prevent cracked lips (: 

Outfit details:
Top: AforArcade's Homies Baseball Top
Jeans: (worn-to-death) Ellysage
Sneakers: Superga
Bag: Lacoste

Love, Jo 

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