Saturday, 2 May 2015

Whynotspeakup: Eternity (sp)

Hello everyone (: Glad to be back on this space after a tough few weeks back faced with work and everything else in between!

Been recently sent these unique necklaces from Whynotspeakup, an online store retailing necklaces made from having a frozen flower stored in a bullet shaped casing. The lovely message behind this concept is the idea of eternity - an everlasting love that will never wither. 

The frozen flowers are real flowers that have undergone a certain technique of frosting. They will bloom in dry and cold environments and close up when it is moist and warm. The store offers them at various colours which you can pick on site when ordering and the casings come in 2 colours - White and Black. I was sent both and here are some shots of how I styled them. 

I picked Rougenight for my black piece and paired it out with a sleek white romper coupled with a hat and heels for a more polished look.

And I opted for a more casual look with the white piece by pairing it with a striped tee dress. I picked Roselight for my other choice. 

Personally, I love the contrast in the Rouge shade with black (: But the white is clean cut and exudes a more casual feel in my opinion! 

Product shots of both necklaces: 

And in case if you're wondering if there's any maintenance to be done with the flowers; it actually requires minimal effort to keep them pretty and blooming (: All you have to do is to water the flower bud with a single drop of water once a week and keep the necklace away from direct sunlight! The owners would be glad to answer any maintenance questions you may have as well (:

Plus, there's a discount code which can be used if you wish to purchase a piece! Quote "JOCINA10" to get 10% off from 1st May to 10th May (: With Mother's Day coming up, this could also be the gift to surprise your mum with! (:

More information can be found at their site and Instagram page:
Instagram: @Whynotspeakup

Do hop over to take a look at the other colours they offer! (: 

Love, Jocina 

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