Thursday, 14 April 2016

Australia 2015: Hobart, Tasmania - Battery Point in the night.

Left off at Mount Wellington previously from the previous travelogue post and we actually headed to Cargo bar pizza lounge for dinner which is located at Battery Point, a suburb area which has a few eatery points and the Salamanca market is also held there on Saturday mornings (: 

The atmosphere was absolutely wonderful and it was buzzing with life despite the fact that it was a Monday night. Soft lights coupled with a glass of wine and awesome food while watching the world go by - ah, life. We had a pizza and some tacos - we picked the Salmon Mascarpone Pizza and the Pulled pork Tacos, which were both done really well and really delicious for a chilly night out. 

Not too sure if these lights were up because of the upcoming festive Christmas season back then, but it looked really whimsical and gorgeous against the night skies and trees (': 

Love, Jo 

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