Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Christmas Eve 2013 ❄

It's 2014 now, but I'm still pretty much backlogged on my posts. 2013 has been great, and I'm thankful for everyone around me, so here's to more great adventures!

Here's how my 2013 Christmas Eve went! (:

Tzu and I decided to have a simple Christmas Eve at "I am.." cafe, because I've been wanting to try their Rainbow Crepe since forever! So here's a short review of my experience (: The queue was rather long, and we were pretty lucky to have gotten seats super quickly cause the people in front of us queuing were all in large groups and it happened that there was a table for 2 seats available when we just reached hehe. 

I am Cafe

We ordered the Mojito mocktail and Honeymooney(a drink of a mix of citrus flavours). The drinks were pretty good I felt, very refreshing and cooling (: Each cost $6.90+!

It was really windy that day, and my hair was flying about like crazy! Hahaha.

We had the Fish & Chips to share cause we had both eaten some stuff earlier on. The Fish & Chips were pretty alright I think? Skin was crispy and the fries were great too! (: But the boyfriend thought it was just a little too expensive for the not-very-big portion.

And of course, here's the Rainbow Crepe! It's basically different coloured layers of crepes piled upon each other and dripped with chocolate sauce. Very pretty! It tasted pretty normal I guess, I think Le Chocolat's Rainbow Cake was yummier though. But still, alright overall, and it really is very pretty hehe (:

I am Cafe
674 North Bridge Road, off Haji Lane

And that was my simple but happy Christmas Eve spent with the boy! 

Here's what I wore on Christmas Eve 2013: Love Bonito's Alberta Dress in Navy, XS 
I really love the festive feel of this piece with the embellishments hanging off at the shoulders and the lovely details such as the chiffon sheer long sleeves and the slit at the back of the dress!

That's all for today! Starting my internship on next Monday, and I'm really not looking forward to it at all ): G'night x.


  1. Hey dear! Not sure if it's appropriate for me to post here, but I understand that you bought a pair of flats from ASOS.,4106,4108,4107,2594&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=204&sort=3&clr=White

    Can I check if sizing fits true? :) What size did you get?

    1. Hello! (: I'm wearing 38(UK5) for it. I'm a usual size 38 for flats, but sometimes I wear 39 for heels (:

    2. Oh yes, and it fits me just right, a little snug actually (:

  2. Hi! :) If you're selling the Alberta dress do drop me an email: or text 97279133 :) Thank you!