Friday, 17 January 2014

You had me at 'Hello'.

Finally found some time to blog! My internship has started since Monday, and it's been kinda hard adjusting my body clock back to like waking up at 7am. Ah, I wish I was having a normal semester again, but I really didn't want to do an FYP, so I picked the internship route! I'm currently interning at Exploit Technologies, which is a subsidiary under A*STAR. It's been quite challenging there so far, but hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon -crosses fingers-! 

Anyway, I wanted to blog about my couple photo shoot experience about a few weeks back with Tzu (: We were very kindly sponsored by Roy Pek Photography, which is run by my JC mate, Roy, who's the photographer (: 

We had our shoot at the National Museum for the more formal shoot, and here are some of the photos! (:

The biggest worry I had before the shoot was that, what if we don't know how to pose?!?! Hahaha but the awesome thing is that, Roy pretty much directed us the whole time, which I thought was really great because usually people don't really know how to keep doing different poses etc (: And he really knows the spots to take the shots as well, so it was really easy and mega fun for this shoot! 

Really loving this Covet Jacen Dress piece from Love, Bonito as well, which I picked to wear for the shoot (: The skirting is really flowy and the forest green colour is just super gorgeous! 

"Can I have this dance?" 


Me: "Why you so tall!!! Squat down more hahaha."
Tzu: "I'm alrd squatting down a lot!"

Together forever, you've stolen my heart ♡ (':
Thank you for always putting up with my crazy ideas and loving me.

That's all for the formal photos, casual shoot photos are coming up soon! (:

Oh yes, don't be shy to drop Roy an email to enquire about a photoshoot! He's really nice and friendly and he takes photos for landscapes, pets, graduation, friends and families as well. Do check out his FB page here or website(link provided at the beginning of the post) (:

Gonna head off to bed now, goodnight everyone! I'm so glad it's Friday 

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