Monday, 27 January 2014

FreshKon Cosmetic Lenses; Alluring Eyes

Hi everyone! (: I've recently been sponsored by CozyCot with FreshKon's Alluring Eyes Cosmetic Contact Lenses, and here's my review of them! 

I've been a contact lens wearer since I was in secondary 2 when I got them for my Netball days (: But however, I had a corneal ulcer just last year due to an infection from my fortnightly contact lenses ): Hence, from then I've switched to wearing daily lenses instead and I've also changed to wearing glasses more often so that I won't strain my eyes again! 

This is my first time trying out cosmetic lenses, and I was really excited because I've heard how they actually can help to make your eyes look bigger and brighter?! And which girl wouldn't want bigger and brighter eyes hehehe.

How the packaging looks like

Close-up of the lenses casing

There were 3 colours to choose from and they are:
1. Mystical Black
2. Winsome Brown 
3. Magnetic Grey

I chose Mystical Black cause my eyes are really black, and I didn't feel that adventurous to try out other colours and decided to play it safe for the moment. 

The black lenses!

When I first tried them on at Paris Miki at Bugis Junction, I did feel a little weird after putting them on and even started to tear! ): I asked the optician immediately about it, and PHEW! She assured me that it was normal because:
1. They're slightly thicker than usual contact lenses
2. You're looking through a coloured flim, so vision may get slightly hazy at night/after a long day 
3. Your eyes may tend to get dry more easily 

I was really relieved, and she reassured me that it does take a little to get used to them and that it's normal to feel a little discomfort for first-time wearers (: (So don't worry if you've felt this way for the first time as well!)

I wore them out on Saturday, from about 3pm to 12+ in the night, and I must say, they felt pretty okay! (: I didn't feel any discomfort, except that perhaps my eyes started to get drier towards later in the night, but it was still alright! (: 

Out with the lenses.

The lenses definitely did make my iris look larger and brighter as well, and I think they are perfect for special occasions/dates/parties where you'll need that extra "oomph" to finish your look! 

Halfway between smiling when the boyfriend captured this shot of me

FreshKon's Alluring Eyes lenses are said to provide superior comfort due to a hydrophilic(water loving
) surface, Hyaluronic Acid for optimum ocular lubrication and hydration and it also acts as a UV inhibitor which blocks out 80% UV and 96% UVB rays! (: 

Overall, I feel that these lenses are of a rather good quality and I'm so glad I got to try them! (: However, I don't think it's that good to put on lenses every day though? It's best to let your eyes have a break every few days after contact lens wear! (: 

Ah, okay I'm gonna go to bed now alrd! Goodnight world x. Have a great week ahead everyone 

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