Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Sparks fly ☼

Back with part 2 of my photoshoot with Tzu hehe! We had both a formal and casual shoot on the same day, which lasted from about 9+ in the morning till about 1+ in the afternoon (:

I wanted a picnic scene for our casual shoot and it was held just behind the Singapore National Museum, a rather secluded and lovely spot of Fort Canning Park! (: I didn't even know it existed hahaha, and it was super empty the day we were there. Just lots of green grass and lovely weather (:

We brought along cupcakes, a picnic basket with fruits and juice as well as hold-up cards etc to make the shots look colourful and vibrant and also to create a picnic atmosphere as well!

As per the previous set of photos, these are by Roy at Roy Pek Photography as well (: !

"Hahahaha smile nicely!! Don't laugh too unglamly!!" :D

Wish that was champagne but hehe, apple juice is a good substitute for picnic shoots! (:

"Hehehe, no strawberry for you."

"Down the paths, I will always be with you." (':

"EH don't drop me okay!!!"

Roy: "Okay Tzu, I want you to tickle Jocina."
Tzu: "SURE!!!"
Me: "Whaaa..what nooooo!!!"

Jump shot to end off (: 

(: It was a really fun day, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly although it was tiring as well! Roy made the entire process really smooth and it's amazing that he finished both shoots in about 4-5 hours only(inclusive of time that we took to change and place props etc)! (: 

Oh yes, this was my outfit for the outdoor shoot:
The Tinsel Rack's Magnolia Chiffon Shorts in White
Megagamie's Double Tier Spag Top in White
White Buckle Heels from a spree online 

Can't wait for the weekend again, a little not used to getting back to work's routine after the CNY holidays! CNY was incredibly fun, and I really love this season. 

Yay to the week being close to Wednesday alrd though; goodnight everybody (:
Love, Jo 

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