Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Eyes and contact lenses: A look at Hirocon (sp)

I've been wearing contact lenses since I was 13. I started wearing lenses because of Netball and it kinda stuck on after that. All was well till about 2 years back when I had a corneal ulcer which scared me so badly. The doctor actually told me that it would be recommended for me to never put on lenses again unless needed - to which I refused to agree to. Hence, he relented and suggested that I change to daily contact lenses instead and not wear them every day. 

Since then, I've taken care of my eyes much more seriously because serious corneal ulcers can actually lead to blindness?! :O

Hence, when I was invited down to Hirocon for an eye check-up and analysis, I was quite interested as I wanted to have an evaluation done on the condition of my eyes. 

What does Hirocon do?
Hirocon is the first shop in Singapore that specializes in the sale of contact lenses only. They have qualified optometrists to provide customers with a holistic and informed analysis of his/her eyes and the type of lenses they should be wearing. They have 4 qualified optometrists - 2 of them graduated from Singapore polytechnic with a diploma in Optometry and the other 2 graduated from Cardiff University (UK) with a BSc in Optometry. 

Here are some photos of the store. There is a receptionist who would guide you to fill up your particulars and she would inform the optometrist that you've arrived (:

Tzu in the background: he took my photos! (:

Firstly, I had my eyes scanned to check on the current degree of them. 

After, she did a check on the health (like if your eyes need a break from lenses, or a check on previous history of eye infections) of my eyes using the below equipment. 

We did a degree test as well where I had to read out numbers/letters on the screen accordingly while the optometrist tried out different degree lenses. 

I was really surprised when she told me that different people would fit brands/types of lenses differently. This is because contact lenses are actually made differently for the various brands on the market. Hence, what may fit your eye nicely may not fit as well for another individual. 

I tried on the brand of contact lenses I was currently using next and the optometrist checked the fit of them on my eyes. 

She asked me to look up and describe if there is any discomfort when I did that while using the machine look at my eye. After, I tried on the recommended brand by her for my eyes. 

The optometrist recommended Coopervision's Proclear 1 day for my eyes instead of my previous brand - 1-day Acuvue. They did feel more comfortable on my eyes instead of the previous ones I was wearing! (:

Here's a view of some of the brands of lenses which Hirocon carries:

It was great being able to learn more about my eyes and to be given professional diagnosis and specific advice on eye care. The optometrist was able to answer my questions well too! (:

Hirocon is conveniently located at Orchard Gateway (nearest MRT: Somerset) and these are their contact details.

Address: 277 Orchard Road, #B2-28, OrchardGateway
Opening hours: 11am to 9pm daily
Phone number: 67023777
Email address:

If you're looking to get your eyes checked out and to look for the best fit of contact lenses for your eyes, do make an appointment and check them out! (:

Love, Jo 

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