Monday, 8 June 2015

Singapore Fashion Week 2015: SGFW 2015

Some pictorial snippets of SGFW which was held about 4 weeks back - I finally finished fishing out and editing photos from my camera!

I had the chance to watch the Tex Saverio x Love, Bonito collection as well as the Benjamin Barker show, which were both held on the same day. 

A shot with some of the Love, Bonito social correspondents present at the show! (: 

Thoroughly enjoyed the Tex Saverio x Love, Bonito show with it's nature inspired graphics and unique cuts. Congratulations once more to Rachel and Viola from Love, Bonito! (: 

After, we headed off for a quick dinner and back to the tent to catch the Benjamin Barker show and Tzu joined in too. (Thank you Melvin from The Good Folks for the tickets!)


While waiting for the show to begin: SELFIES! 

I loved the menswear featured in the Benjamin Barker show! Vintage, quirky and preppy vibes all rolled into one great showcase. Tzu recently bought their leather shoes for work and he really loves them! (:

Ending off with some photos taken after the shows below,

Thank you Sherlyn for this pretty picture!

T'was a lovely Saturday evening spent - have an awesome week ahead everyone!

Love, Jo 

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