Sunday, 25 January 2015

MBS Countdown to 2015: at the floating platform

Hello! (: I'm gonna be blogging about my countdown experience to 2015 on 31st Dec 2014! I was gifted tickets by URA to the MediaCorp SG50 concert, which was held at the floating platform (: and
I was pretty excited because I've never been to any of these large scale countdowns! 

Since the concert had free seating, everyone turned up pretty early and we had to queue to get in. Here are some shots I captured while queuing; I can never get sick of Singapore's skyline in the Marina Bay area:

After queuing for close to a couple of hours, we finally got in and here's the view of Marina Bay from our seats:

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the flash on my camera out so most of my portrait shots turned out blur hahaha but oh well, blur photos better than no photos right?!

And the only photo I took of Christabel and Joal, who were with us on that night too, (BLUR ALSO ): )

There was non-stop music and entertainment all the way through from 730pm by both local and overseas artistes such as The Sam Willow, Gentle Bones, Stefanie Sun, and many more too! (: Not forgetting the crowd's favourite: Big Bang! Here are more photos before 12 midnight:

Stefanie Sun!! (okay on the screen but still, she's amazing)

And of course when it was 11:59 pm...

...FIREWORKS! (': Oh-so-beautiful. I love watching fireworks. It's like as if the world has come to a stop and everyone's fixated on watching these fleeting bursts of explosives light up the night sky. 

And of course, the night ended off with Big Bang's performance where everyone went nuts; the atmosphere and energy of the place was crazy high!

And, here's a short (and very badly shot hahaha) video which I took at the concert:

We left about 1-ish cause we didn't really want to get caught in the human jam when everyone leaves. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience being live at the countdown with the crowd and everything going on, plus I got to see the live performances of many many talented people!! Heh, here's to a wonderful 2015 (Jan has been okay so far, crossing my fingers for Feb cause it's just gonna get busier!)

I'll be back soon!

Love, Jo 


  1. Hi there dear, I happen to chance upon a website of you wearing love bonito's Alysia cheongsam. Was wondering if you're keen in selling it as I'm really interested in that dress, and can't seem to find the perfect size for me. Do let me know, and thanks for taking the time to read my comment. :-)

    1. Hello babe! (: Ah I see, so sorry but I'm not intending to sell it though! ): I'm sure there'll be more cheongsams for sale on Love Bonito this CNY season though! <3

  2. Hi! I was thinking of going to the Marina Bay Countdown 2016, and would like to ask you: how early should I queue in order to get a pair of good front $68 seats? Thank you :)