Tuesday, 13 January 2015

MBS Countdown celebrations: Looking back on the release of the wishing spheres by VWOs

Hello all! (: Back to update about some BTS shots on the release of the beautiful SG50 wishing spheres which were part of the display at the Marina Bay Sands area for the Countdown to 2015. (More pictures coming up on the actual countdown day too!)

School's just started and it's gonna be a hectic 6 weeks before I head on to practicum; crossing my fingers that it'll be fine and I'm gonna try to update this space more regularly about my MBS countdown experience + travelogues too! (: 

Anyway, yes back to my topic heh, here are some photos I captured for that day's release of wishing spheres by some Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) in Singapore: 

People arriving/gathering

The view from of MBS + the spheres in the water

Honestly, I've always loved this area of Singapore. The view of all the skyscrapers are so gorgeous and I absolutely loved spending some of my holidays with my girlfriends chilling along the bay area. 

Oh yes, and the red wishing spheres were specially sponsored by Great Eastern Life too (:

Soon, the event started:

Opening speech by Mr Benson Puah, CEO of the Esplanade Singapore

Signing of the wishing spheres by the CEO of Great Eastern Life, Dr. Khoo Kah Siang and Mr Benson Puah from Esplanade Singapore

And soon, the people from the various beneficiaries were issued some spheres to pen down their wishes for both Singapore and themselves in 2015 (: 

The children from the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (who very happily posed for me hehe) (:

The elderly penning down their wishes as well (': 

Women from the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation

And soon, it was the time for the tossing of the wishing spheres:


All of their wishes (:

It was all in all a really simple affair, but yet everyone enjoyed having the chance to pen down their wishes for both the nation and for themselves or family and loved ones. Everyone of all ages were buzzing around, laughing and enjoying each other's company (: 

And I pray that each of their well wishes do come true for Singapore and their loved ones as well as for themselves (': make an awesome chapter out of 2015 everyone! (: 

Gonna head off to complete some assignments now, be right back to blog more soon. Thanks for reading!
Love, Jo 

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