Sunday, 8 February 2015

OSIM uDiva; in collaboration with the MBS 2015 Countdown!

I'm gonna be sharing about one of OSIM's products today: the uDiva! OSIM very kindly sent me one of their uDiva massage sofas as they were one of the main sponsors for the Marina Bay SG Countdown 2015 (: 

And here's how it looks like:

It can be used as a sofa, lounger and massage chair (by simply using the remote control to adjust)

My family loved it; my dad would use it almost everyday after work and watch TV from it in our living room area in a reclining position coupled with it's massage functions! I even caught him asleep on it before hahaha. 

Ta-dah! The uDiva flips out easily to it's reclining position for a massage 

The remote control and all of it's functions

The uDiva features the 3D-Power Ball massage technology which comes with specially designed massage programs which would help your body to relax and unwind after being out for a day. 

These 6 programs are:
Sleep, Stretch, Lumbar, Happy Hour, Spa and Neck & Shoulders.

As for myself, I have really really really low tolerance for massages. People always look at me weirdly when I say I don't go for massages when I'm in Bangkok hahaha. I'll feel either really ticklish or it'll feel painful if the force used is too great? 

And that's where the uDiva is perfect for massage-sensitive people like me. You can actually adjust the strength of the massage going on at specific areas - High, Medium, Low and even the roller width/position!

Close-up of the adjustable functions


So, well what's not to love of it heh - mad user-friendly and it can simply be just used as a sofa/lounger when you're not in the mood for a massage. 

Plus, it comes in such a chic design with 5 versatile shades: Gorgeous Pink, Elegant Beige, Luscious Maroon, Enchanting Blue and Stunning Black. (The one sent to me was in Stunning Black!) (: 

And...I'm gonna end off with a video of Lee Min Ho (he's so dreamyyyyy), who's the spokesperson for uDiva:

Thankful for such a chance from OSIM to try out one of their uDiva massage sofas! It was a wonderful experience for my family members and myself (: 

Oh yes, and OSIM has very kindly offered a uSnooz Neck Pillow as a giveaway prize for my readers and followers on Instagram! Stay tuned to my Instagram account for more details (: 

Love, Jo 

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