Thursday, 5 December 2013

Year-end Sales! (Y)

Hi everyone! (: I'm clearing out my wardrobe because it's bursting at low low prices! (: Please take some time to read through the terms for this sale though:

1. Prices are non-inclusive of postage, postage would include $1.50 for normal post(subsequent item +$0.50) and $3.74 for registered postage. I would take a video for proof of mailing as well for normal post! (:

2. Meetups can be done(East or Town/Central Area) if you're purchasing more items! (: Enquire for more details!

3. Drop me an email at if interested in any of the items(it's okay to enquire about them as well if you have any qns! (: ) 
*NOTE: A few of the items belongs to my friend, so I'll forward the invoice to her to handle if you've spotted any of her items to purchase! (: 

4. Emails will be replied to within 12 hours, and items would be reserved for 12 hours to make payment (:

5. All items are worn once, unless otherwise stated (e.g. BNWT, BNIB etc.)

Promotion: If purchasing more than 2 items, take $1 off each item! 

Shop away! :D

All things $25

Lollyrouge Lovers' Concerto Dress in Burgundy size M (BNIB)
16.5-18" PTP, 14-14.5" Waist, 41" Length

Lollyrouge Sparrows Kitin' Top, Size S (BNIB)
15.5-17" PTP, 12.5-14" Waist, 23.5" Length

Love, Bonito Mariette Frock, Cream, Size XS (BNWT)
14" PTP, 11.5" Waist, 33" Down

All things $20

A for Arcade Fernvale Maxi in Navy, Size S (BNIB)
PTP 15", Waist 12.5", Length 51"

A for Arcade Paddle Pop Maxi Skirt in White/Cherry Pink, Size S
12" Waist, 38" Down

Love, Bonito Dorothea Dress, Size XS

Love Bonito Pagett Pants, XS
13.5" Waist, 16.5" Hips, 8.5" Rise, 10.5" Thigh, 35" Down

MGP Label Zalia Cut Out Dress in Blue, Size S (BNIB)
15.5" PTP, 12" Waist, 32.5" Down

Ohvola Equinox Crop Top in White, size S (BNIB)
*note: The previous owner cut away the tag
PTP 13.5-16", 18" down

All things $15

A for Arcade Hooked Wallpaper Floral Bustier Top in Coral, size S
PTP 13.5", Waist 12", Length 18"

A for Arcade Pushing Daisies Lace Up Frock in White, Size S (BNIB)
Can be worn as two separate pieces! Comes with a shoe lace to link both together.
Top measures: 
14" PTP, 11" Waist, length 14"
Bottom measures:
11.5" Waist, Length down 16"

Amber Avenue Aztec Print Suntop in Blue (colour depicted in the 3rd picture), Size S, BNWT
*Back design is same as Love Bonito's Faelynn Top
PTP 13-15"(thin elastic band along at the back at ptp),  24" length down

Fly Me To Paris Miss Selfridge Inspired Eyelet Crochet Charm Top, Lilac
PTP 17-17.5", Length 22"

Hollyhoque Lace Dress, size S
14.5-15.5" PTP, 31" Down

Intoxiquette Print on my Peplum Top, Blue Tribal, Size S (BNIB)
PTP 15", Waist 12", Length 22.5"

Lacepipe Floral Brocade Skirt, Size S 
Waist 12", Length 15.5"

LilyRae 2 Piece Bloomy Set, size S (Brand New)
15" PTP, 13.5" Waist, Length down(Adjustable straps) 21"
12.5" Waist, 13.5" Down

Love Bonito Trayce Top, Black, XS
PTP 19.5", 17" Waist, 23" Down

Love Bonito Marion Maxi, Apple Green, Free sized
12-18" PTP(elastic at back), 56" Down

Megagamie Dakota Skirt in Multicolour/grey, Size S (one on the left)
Waist 12", Length 16", Hips 17.5"

MGP Label Arabella Floral Pants, Size S
12" Waist, 38" Length

Red Velvet Rose Cosmic Girl Ombre Dress in Blue, size S
15.5" PTP, 12.5" Waist, 32" Down

ShopKoanna Lace Insert Pullover in White
PTP 102cm, Length 57cm, Sleeve 59cm

The Blush Inc Diamond Check Pants, Size S (BNIB)
12" Waist, 11" Rise, 37.5" Down

The Tinsel Rack Stripe Tease Skater Dress, Wine/White, Free sized
14.5" PTP, Hi-waist 12.5-13.5", 32" Down

All things $10

A for Arcade Kate Overlay Shorts in Yellow, size S (BNIB)
Waist 13", Hips 14.5", Length 10.5", Thigh opening 9"

A for Arcade Kate Overlay Shorts in Black
Waist 13", Hips 14.5", Length 10.5", Thigh opening 9"

Striped Polo Two piece Set in Dark Navy (Bought in BKK)
Top is straight cut down (I tied it up at the front using some of the excess cloth)
Top measurements:
17.5" down, 16" PTP
Bottom measurements:
13-15" waist(concealed elastic band at waist), 14" Down

Hollyhoque Shirt in Jade, BNWT
PTP 16-16.5", 20.5" down

Lacepipe Lilac Draped Back Top
19-20" PTP, 23" Down

LilyRae Palette Dress, size S (Brand new)
17" PTP, 30" Down

Love Bonito Belmont Blouse, Beryl, size S
17" PTP, 23.5" down

Love, Bonito Lucia Inez Corset, in Wine, Size S
13.5" PTP, 12" Waist, 14.5" down

Megagamie Corinne Basic Singlet Crop Top in Black, size S (BNIB)
PTP 14-15", Waist 11-12", Length 16.5"

Missypixie Corina Skirt in Melon (BNIB)
Waist 12-18", Length down 16"

Struttt Freedom Swallows Denim Shorts, Size S (Brand new)
13" Across, 9.5" Down, 9" Leg Opening

The Tinsel Rack Tsubaki Floral Shorts in Black, Size S
Mid waist 13.5", Hips 15", Length 9", Rise 9,5", Leg opening 10"

The Tinsel Rack Tsubaki Floral Shorts in White, size S (BNIB)
Mid waist 13.5", Hips 15", Length 9", Rise 9,5", Leg opening 10"

The Tinsel Rack Laced with Daisies Top in Ivory, size XS
14" PTP, 20" Down

All things $6

Megagamie Buttoned Up Highwaist Skirt in Camel, size S
Waist 13", Length 14.5", Hips 16.5"

The Tinsel Rack Glam Bam Peterpan Top in Black
PTP 17", Length 22"

The Velvet Dolls' Be my Sweetheart Tee in Sunshine, size M
(Note that the yellow is more towards a duller, dark tone)
17.5" PTP, 22" down

Assymetrical Skorts in Cobalt (bought in BKK)
Worn with concealed back zip
*Note: Cobalt blue shade is a little darker
Waist 13", Hips 16.5", Length 13.5"

Thank you! :D
Have an awesome weekend ahead everyone! (:

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