Monday, 9 December 2013

[Review]: Estetica's LumiWhite Brightening Facial Scrub

Yay so the exams are over, and finally I'm free! Hello, holidays.

Gonna be blogging about a review on Estetica's Est.Lab LumiWhite Brightening Facial Scrub which was kindly sponsored to me by CozyCot! (: 

In a nutshell, Estetica is a company which commits to skincare therapies and beauty products/services for women, particularly to solve all kinds of skincare concerns for Asian women. They've recently launched an in-house skincare brand known as Estetica Lab (Est.Lab) which embodies anti-ageing skincare therapies and the idea of ageless beauty.

So, I've been given a bottle of their LumiWhite Brightening Facial Scrub, which helps in whitening of the skin! Every girl dreams of fair, bright and supple skin, and this facial scrub is said to help exfoliate dull surface cells and accumulated impurities to reveal a visibly brighter and smoother complexion (:

Loving the silver coloured box which holds the scrub

So here's how it works; after removing the cap on the bottle, there'll be a white coloured top. All you'll have to do is to gently press it downwards a couple of times and the scrub would be squeezed out from the bottle! (:

Pressing the white top downwards to get the scrub out

Ta-dah! There's the white coloured scrub in the middle of the container (: 

The instructions also state to just apply a small amount onto damp skin after cleansing it. And after applying the scrub, rinsing would be needed to complete the process. So firslty, what I did was to wash my face with my facial foam and I got started with the scrub. 

Spreading the scrub gently over my face

After applying, there'll be these white bits of stuff which start to form, and those are the dead skin cells which are being removed to reveal new and bright skin under.

Close-up to see the tiny white bits forming

I then proceeded to rinse off the dead skin cells off my face, and I'm done! The scrub felt quite gentle on my face throughout the whole process and it was really fast to complete it. The best thing is, there isn't even a need to do this every day! Twice a week is all that's needed to achieve best results (: 

Happy with clean and healthier skin hehe.

My skin felt really rather smoother and let off a glow-y look after using it. However, the price of LumiWhite may be a little steep as it's $62 for a bottle of it. But, only a very little amount is needed at a time(as depicted above on how much I used), so a bottle would last pretty long I think (: 

I'm pretty lazy but I think I can live with doing this 2 days out of 7 in a week! Heh, excited to see how it goes in the long run for this product (:

That's the end for my review, so I'm gonna head off to bed now (it's 430am oops). 

Ending off with some pictures of Milky and I, but it's really terribly hard to capture shots of her looking at the camera so most of them are like of her looking away hahaha. She's always like: "Put me down human, I just wanna lie and bum around."

"Okay okay, now that I've taken a couple of shots with you, can I go back to the sofa?" 

Hahaha, I love my silly dog. Have a good week ahead everyone! (:

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