Sunday, 15 December 2013

My love for Love, Bonito.

This is waaaaay long overdue post, but I've gotta write it down so I'll remember it!

I've always been a huge fan of Love, Bonito ever since when they were known as BonitoChico loooong ago(I still have that label's items in my wardrobe till today! Heh). It was my second sister who got me addicted to online shopping, and since then, I've been hooked.

About 5 other girls were invited as well to a short tea session at the Love, Bonito office with the owners and some of their lovely staff, and it was a splendid afternoon spent talking about clothes and fashion.

How the Love, Bonito studio looks like

The bags in the studio used for styling shoots

Can't explain how much I'm in love with this rack of shoes! (I really love shoes)

Some of the cakes and pastries served

Group shot with everyone (wish I had taken some pictures with the staff too!)

Cleo and I with the gorgeous owners! 

The staff and the owners (Rachel and Viola), were very nice and friendly, and it was really easy to make conversation. And I must say, I was rather starstruck to be able to meet Rachel and Viola hahaha (fan girl mode). I love how fashion and social media brought me to meet the other girls as well, so yay I'm really so thankful to have these new friends!

Ending off this post with what I wore that day: 

Love Bonito's Giselle Top in White, Love Bonito's Miranda Skirt in Sunshine, Clutch from ASOS and Ohvola's Delilah Heels in Apricot (: 

Gonna head off to bed now x 


  1. hello. i am just as much of a LB fan as you but I started from 1 year ago chasing their launches intensely. I am just curious, do you still see yourself chasing their launches fervently as you did when you start working? I see alot of working ladies chasing their launches and I wonder how they are able to do so without risking "caught" by their employer? I am like you, going to enter the workforce very soon and I am afraid that I would not be able to catcht their unpredictable launches=( haha, hope you do not mind my weird question=)

    1. Hi! (: Hmm hahaha I guess I would try to catch their launches even when I'm working cause I really do love LB's clothes! (: Like to perhaps check their website every now and then when they've launched a preview on FB? I guess sometimes it's really a hit/miss thing as we do not know the timing for the launches. I'm not too sure how these working ladies are able to always get the items as well(I'm amazed too!) hahaha.