Wednesday, 21 December 2016

When I said "Yes".

Best inspirations for writing almost usually always comes in the middle of the night for me, somehow. As 2016 draws to a close, there's something I'll like to pen down before the year ends and it's probably one of the life-changing moments in this year - I got engaged heh!

Tzu and I have been together for over 4 years (we turn 5 in Mar 2017!), and a lot of our friends have been asking when we're gonna get married yknow? My answer would always be "Aiya see when this guy proposes." and he'll be like "Aiya, taking it slow. Must plan properly one you know." Hahaha.

And, it really happened when we were on our Korea trip in Sept - pretty unbelievable to be honest! I wasn't even thinking about it happening during the trip cause we were flying off really quickly during the holiday break and everything was a huge rush; we didn't even have time to plan the activities we wanted to do cause we were both way too busy with work.

Earlier in the day before the proposal 

Okay that morning, Tzu was acting a little weird actually. We were planning to head to Gyeongbokgung palace + wear a hanbok at Bukchon Hanok village so I was all like, okay I'm gonna wear shorts okay so it's easier to change into a hanbok.

Tzu's response: "Eh hmm I think you should wear smth nicer?"
Me: *frowning* "Huh why?"
Tzu: "Aiya...I'm alrd wearing shirt and pants. Wear something like nicer?"
Me: "ERRR okay hahahaha that's weird but okay."

He never tells me to wear something nicer?! It was beyond weird hahaha.

That day's outfit! (:

But anw, the story was that he told me that there's this nice park called Hanuel Park that has really nice fields and sunsets - so we planned to go there that evening after visiting the palace + village.

He also said that he's meeting his Korea-based colleague to pass her something from the office and that she would be there cause she's bringing her friend around to catch the sunset too.

But okay, as we all know, programs never turn out exactly on time and we were delayed cause we got lost around and so we were running late.

While walking up to Hanuel park (it's actually quite a while of a walk up the park cause there's a flight of staircase you've to clear), but the view is beautiful.

View from the staircase otw up

He was asking me to hurry up (cause he was rushing to reach the proposal venue before sunset) but I kept stopping to take photos.

And I was like: "But why!! The sun haven't set right and your colleague's gonna be there to watch sunset so it doesn't really matter for the time since we are all gonna end up in the same place to watch the sunset."

Tzu: "No la, just hurry up? Later she want to leave earlier idk."

Me: "Why so weird hahaha. Everyone is catching the sunset and it's at 645pm? So she should be okay with it since she's there to catch it too!"

Tzu: "Later can take of the place, let's just see the sunset from higher up!"

Me: "Why you so funny, okay lor."

Hanuel Park's really pretty! Basically after climbing up this long flight of stairs, you'll have to walk a little more and reach a large field. But he was supposed to bring me to this structure in the middle of the field where he hired a photog company to snap photos of the proposal + plan a set-up with our photos and flowers!

Hanuel park 

Last funny part:

We reached the structure and it's like 2 storeys high? So we had to climb up. I'm still quite blur here, didn't see the photos (of us) clipped on the structure.

So anw I reached the top part of the structure and I was like "Ooooh so nice let's go there to watch the sunset."

Tzu: "No no, let's go this way!" *points to other side of the circle structure*

Me: "Why?! The sun is this side what?!"

Tzu: *pulls me over to look at the other side*

And then I saw this:

*frowning* I was like "Are those our photos?"

And this guy whips out his iPad and starts showing me a video he'd made with all our friends, family and even my dogs?! (': (Heh thank you for all the love!) The video is just really funny hahaha, A for effort, really! I was laughing quite a bit at it actually heh.

When the video ended, he wanted to begin saying what he had prepped, but yet, he couldn't cause it was really difficult for him to do it and he didn't expect that it'll be so difficult (': so he started to tear and I started to tear and it was just indescribable?

Everything we've ever gone through, every memory just came to mind. From being friends and hanging out, going through other relationships, getting together, learning more about each other's habits and patterns, going through graduation and onward to work, sharing our struggles and surviving ugly fights; the list goes on. 

We've been through so much together since 2012, and for every celebration, victory, obstacle and upsetting argument - I'm thankful for all of them because they've brought us to where we are today.

Truth is, relationships are never gonna be like what we see in movies, in the media or what not. It requires work, compromise, lots of love, patience, trust, communication and most importantly, forgiveness. We are still working on these and more, but there's no one I'd rather learn and grow with 

Also, Tzu told me allllll about his prep for the proposal and it was like, a rushing river of words cause it was crazy for him to keep the entire thing from me hahaha. 

1. How he kept the ring away from me 
- he actually kept the ring in his wallet (which is a great place because whenever we are travelling he usually keeps the shared fund so he'll pay for the meals and I'll never bother to check it hahaha) whenever we were on flights because he was afraid that customs may ask him to open the ring box to show them what's inside then he would have to propose there? 
Omg I cannot stop laughing even as I'm typing this out hahaha. 

2. How he managed to film the video
 - when I was away in Indonesia earlier in June! That was like a huge opportunity frame for him. 

3. Contacting my friends/colleagues to film a video 
- coordination between lots of people is always difficult and he had to remind them to give the videos to him so he could compile them and make everything good. 

4. Carrying an iPad around and making sure that I don't open up the video app.
He actually has another app to play the movies we watch on the iPad LOL. 

5. Communicating with the vendor from Korea while being out with me 
- I think he was lucky cause I was quite caught up in a novel I was reading. So I'll be like, "I'm gonna read my book now kay!" when we are travelling on the subway around Seoul. So he could just talk to the photographer without me even noticing hahaha. 

Excited for the wedding (actually more for the honeymoon haha oops) with this guy heh! Although, I am an extremely lazy bride-to-be... we haven't started on anything, only booked the venue so far but at least the date + venue's settled heh! (: 


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