Monday, 11 July 2016

Into the woods; with you.

Did a styled shoot with Happy Photo People (run by Kuan Yee) quite a while back (: 

The set-up, props and flowers were done up gorgeously by The Enchanted Tree SG, and the beautiful dresses (part 2 of the shoot would be coming up soon) were from Style Lease. The weather was great when we arrived in the morning and I was blown away by the venue as well; it was tranquil, serene and really lovely. 

We love photoshoots with Kuan cause she's great at making you feel comfortable and she'll direct you and your partner to test out different shots as well. She's a really funny and nice person to work with too! (: 

With Tzu's birthday just around the corner, I just wanted to post these beautiful photos captured by Kuan, of us. Thank you for these beautiful memories that we can keep! 

And, to Tzu, happy 28th birthday love. I love you, you crazy, crazy person. 

Of course, not everything is as rosy as it seems online, we have had our fights, nasty conversations and stubborn moments. But yet, the sun always shines through those terrible times, and I'm glad we've agreed to never allow each other to bring any unhappiness regarding us into the next day. 

It definitely isn't easy sustaining a relationship; we often talk about how work must still be put in and that we should never take each other for granted. After all these years, I'm glad we've never grown too lazy to stop keeping that spark going. Sometimes during those moments when I see you walking towards me when we are meeting somewhere, I smile to myself, thinking about how blessed I am to have you. 

Here's to celebrating more milestones, birthday, achievements together (': 

Love, Jo 

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