Thursday, 19 November 2015

Late nights.

So, its just been one of those nights where you have a ton of work waiting for you but you've chosen to procrastinate somehow and end up still being awake at 3:30 am on a weekday night.

I was inspired by the movie "我的少女時代", and hence I actually went to read through old diary entries of my secondary school days - really, really ancient stuff of 2004 till some parts on JC days/early uni days.

It's crazy how time has passed. I still vividly remember the very first day of stepping into TKG, and being late on the very first day of school because I got lost on the bus ride to school - because I stupidly alighted at VJC instead of TKGS (hahahaha).

I used to state every single detail of my day spent - it was really amusing reading how my teenager self used to write. There were the parts about friendships, teachers, Netball and family and of course on the occasional love interest/crush that occurred back then.

It's unbelievable how in a blink of an eye, I'm a full-fledged working adult, with different perspectives and thoughts from that teenager self. And now, I find myself thinking about all those experiences that I've gone through and lived. I still don't have it all together - but I'm thankful for how everyone who's come into my life - both good and bad experiences; cause they've made me into the person I am today somehow.

Thankful for every tear cried, every fight made, every victory celebrated, every friend kept, every challenge conquered, every heartache and every heartwarming moment that has ever occurred.

Love, Jo 

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