Thursday, 25 July 2013

Travelogue: Taiwan Day 3, Taichung → Sun Moon Lake

Hi! (: I decided to not be procrastinating any longer with my Taiwan posts heh although it's been so super long since I'm back. So here goes day 3! (:

We woke up bright and early to pack up and went down to a nearby place for brunch. There are lots of eateries around serving breakfast/brunch and their food are mostly rather good, so we just followed the locals and ended up at this eatery nearby our Minsu. 

Seafood Porridge which I picked for brunch: it was piping hot and tasted like porridge my grandpa used to cook for me (': 

Tzu chose a more american option: Bagel topped off with Cheese, Eggs and Bacon :9 

The greedy fella with his food hehe

We checked out after our brunch and the lady working for the Minsu helped us to call a cab to take us to Taichung High Speed Rail Station where we would travel next to Sun Moon lake (: And while waiting, we decided to do a couple #ootd hahaha.

I was in Corinne Basic cropped top from Megagamie, and Floral Tapestry shorts in Posies from A for Arcade (:

How to get to Sun Moon Lake from Taichung HSR station: 
Follow the signs to Bus Station which was at the basement level, and buy bus tickets to Sun Moon Lake. They cost about 100+NT and the trip takes about 2 hours.

The signs that lead to the Bus Terminal to purchase the bus tickets (:

Us being bored while waiting for our bus

Us with Edmund!!! :D

And what were the odds, but we ran into one of our hall friends who as on holiday in Taiwan as well. PLUS, this wasn't the first time we ran into him. Hahaha :D
Our bus came fairly quickly, and we were off to Sun Moon Lake (: ! And these were some of the scenery shots taken along the way:

Pretty, mountainous views from the bus (:

We alighted at Shuishe Village and checked into our Minsu which was Love Home Pier Inn (: The room was pretty big and more spacious than the one at Taichung. 

The sitting area 

Bed area 

View from our window (:

The Minsu was quite clean and I don't really have any complaints staying there (: Plus, it wasn't very expensive either! Double yay for poor students like me hahaha.

Freshened and changed up into my jeans (because Sun Moon Lake is slightly colder than the weather in Taichung) and we headed out to take the ferry ride around the lake. The tickets cost about $300NT for the entire round trip.

The ferry ride basically goes to 3 piers: Shuishe Pier, Itachao Pier and Syanguang Pier. We started at Shuishe(which was the pier our Minsu was) and moved to Syanguang next.

Happy us! 

Okay, basically, we didn't really bother about visiting the temple at this stop, all we wanted was just to try the famous Tea Eggs at this stop hahaha :D 

The famous Tea Eggs! NOM NOM.

The queue for the eggs :9

How they make those delicious tea eggs; they are apparently infused with a special mixture of herbs and mushrooms :9

Close-up shot of the egg-y goodness

Happy girl is me with my egg! :D

We bought 2 each initially, but ended up queuing again to get one more each, so yes, we had 3 eggs each to ourselves hahaha. Too good and delicious; a definite must-try at Sun Moon Lake (:

And of course, some touristy shots must be taken! 

We were told to pose like this by the local whom we approached to help us take a photo together hahaha.

Next, we moved on to Itachao Pier, and it started to drizzle a little. We were told earlier in Taichung to bring along an umbrella everywhere we go during this season as light showers of rain might occur during the day. So, it was okay cause there'll always be an umbrella in my bag (: Plus, the drizzle went away as quick as it came as well. 

Basically, we walked along the streets after getting off the ferry and got some food because we were getting hungry hahaha. AND we spotted this stall selling this: 

Boneless Chicken Wings stuffed with rice and topped off with chopped Spring Onions and Chilli! :9

This was so so so so good srsly (that I needed to make the text above bold hahaha). I'm thinking about it as I'm blogging right now omg. Hahaha. 

We tried some Handmade Mochi as well, and they are all made on the spot. And I'm a huge fan of Mochi because I love the soft texture and different flavours and fillings! Hehe.

The shop front of the Mochi stall

Each Mochi is individually packed like this

Happiness with food

We left on the last ferry ride back which was some time in the evening if I'm not wrong (: And found a small eatery to have dinner before heading back to our room with lots of snacks to just laze around with the tv because there really isn't anything much to do at Sun Moon Lake after dinner time.

Oh yes, and I remembered we got hungry in the middle of the night like at 12-ish am, so we headed outside to the nearby 7-11 to get some more food. PIGS ARE USSS HEHE.

Welllll, so that concludes Day 3! ((:


  1. Hi, how did u book the mingsu love pier inn?

  2. Hi! (: I booked that minsu via Agoda. You can find the link here: ! (: