Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Happy 25th Birthday, Boyfriend! ❤

Well, the boy's birthday just recently passed, and I'm so relieved and happy it went well because I tend to be very much the last minute worker and coming up with ideas only when each passing day approaches to his birthday.

I got him a Pedro work bag for a birthday present which looks really good on him! This is how it looks like: 
I'm so glad I made up my mind to just tell him I was getting him a bag, and that if we could go shopping together for it because I would really want to see him carry the bag before deciding which sort of design looks best on him. It is just so hard to get gifts for guys, honestly D: hahaha

Surprised him at midnight on his birthday at his place with a huge Apple Strudel because he loves apple desserts! :D I've never been good at planning surprises for him, because I'm just not a good liar, and I think we talk to each other constantly on Whatsapp which makes it sooooo hard to lie to him -.- 

I had to drive to Bugis to pick up the strudel on Friday night and I was panicking like mad because I was running late and I was so afraid the shop would've closed by then. And on top of that, there was no parking lots so I just basically illegal parked in front of some cars, put on the hazard lights and ran like a mad woman to the cafe to pick it up hahaha. 

We didn't take much photos that night because we looked extremely tired, but we had supper at Thomson which is where we usually pig out on weekends :D

Moving on to Saturday, we caught Pacific Rim at PS and it was sooooooo good. I loved it!! The action and the Transformers-type robots were so cool! A must-watch for sure :D Oh and I wore Love, Bonito's Dawson Skater Dress in Crimson for the date: 

We had dinner shortly after at Nosh Restaurant, which is located at Rochester Park (: I picked this restaurant because the ambience is super romantic and I love alfresco dining in the evening with all the lights and candles, and I thought that Tzu would like it too. Annnnnd I was right :D He loved the place hehe! Oh yes, and I read online that the portions of the food were not unreasonably little for the price you pay for, which is a huge major point for us because we have huge appetites hahahaha. 

We ordered one cocktail each. I picked No. 9 and he picked Red Grass. But we ended up swapping because I thought mine had too much of an alcohol taste, which I didn't like. Hehe.

We were first served with some complimentary bread with a home made tomato sauce which was really delicious although it looked very simple. Warmed up our tummies right away! (:

We ordered the Maryland Crab Cake to share as an appetizer. This is a must-try at Nosh. The crab meat inside is soft and juicy while the outside layer was crisp. It was so yummy, and it left us craving for more of it. 

I ordered the Herb Roasted Chicken, which was really really good as well. The chicken was juicy and tender, and it was stuffed with balsamic portobello mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and baby spinach inside. It came coupled together on a bed of garlic potato mash and asparagus. The only gripe I have with this dish was that the mash was not evenly seasoned in my opinion as some parts of it were too salty. But overall, still very good!  

Tzu ordered the Tamarind Marinated Beef Tenderloin prepared Medium Rare. It was super delish as the beef was very very tender and soft. It came with purple potato gnocchi and braised leeks. The gnocchi was very tasty and unique and the sauce matched well with the beef tenderloin. 

It became darker, and the lights and decor became more distinct and pretty. Here's a picture I captured:

How Nosh looks like later in the night 

We had a very nice and quiet night together at Nosh, just sitting and having a slow dinner and talking about our lives and us which felt really nice and cosy (: There are also swings where you can sit on and chill while having your drinks or after your meal. It'll definitely not be the last time I'm visiting Nosh for sure! (:

After, we explored Rochester Park for a while and headed off to Holland Village for desserts. I had hatched a plan for a surprise for our hall friends to come by to celebrate his birthday at Holland Village with desserts and drinks hehe. But it was kinda a flop because everyone was late hahaha. But! He didn't suspect anything so I guess it was still kinda okay? Heh. 

Didn't take any more photos after meeting up with the hall gang, because we were so busy catching up, laughing and talking. Hall life would've never been the same without them hahaha. 

I hope you had a good day, baby! (: I love you more than words can say, and I've never been more grateful or thankful that I have you. Happy 25th Birthday love!   

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