Thursday, 16 July 2015

New Moon Collagen Powder: Nourishment for your skin (SP)

Hey guys! I'm back with a quick post - hopefully everyone's week has been good so far (: I'm gonna be sharing about New Moon's Collagen Powder; which is a new and premium collagen powder with one of the highest collagen content at 5,460 mg. It comes along with other perks such as it having low calorie-count with anti-ageing properties as well. 

New Moon's quite a popular brand around Singapore (I'm sure almost everyone's familiar with their abalone heh) and it has actually been awarded the Singapore Prestige Brand Award - Heritage Brand Award by the Association of SMEs in recognition of its rich brand heritage and identity as wella s its strong brand presence and performance. 

Firstly, so what exactly is collagen

Collagen is a specific protein produced by our cells which "holds" skin together - giving it elasticity and making it look/feel firm. While we are young, collagen continues to replenish and regenerate and hence, our skin is usually plump and smooth. As our bodies age, collagen replenishment slows and with sunlight exposure, existing collagen depletes as well and it shows on our skin eventually with the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin ): 

New Moon's Inner Radiance Collagen Powder actually nourishes and rejuvenates skin for better and more radiant looks to your complexion with these:

1. Collagen dosage of 5,460 mg
2. Glutathione (which promotes whitening)
3. Ceramide and Hyaluronic Acid (for anti-ageing with moisturising effects)
4. Probiotics which rejuvenates skin by enhancing growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. A balanced microflora in the intestines will clear up breakouts! (:

So basically, its benefits include: boosts for collagen supply, hydration of skin, nourishment of skin from within, stimulation of skin to produce collagen naturally and lastly, brightening of skin tones for a more glowing look (:

Plus, it comes in rectangular sachets which are easy to use, store and can be consumed anytime and anywhere! Simply add one sachet (daily) into a warm or cold beverage and drink it (: However, do take note that collagen powder contains high amounts of Vitamin C which will be destroyed at high temperatures of more than 75 degree Celsius. 

It's retailing at $49.90 over at supermarkets, pharmacies and selected department stores if you're interested in getting a box! (: And, if you're not much of a powder mix-in person but you'll like to give this product a try, there's also the New Moon Inner Radiance Collagen Drink which was previously launched earlier in April heh (: 

Here's to a lovely weekend ahead everyone!
Love, Jo 

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