Friday, 23 May 2014

LOLA guest post: Why should all couples travel together? ☼

Hi everyone! Heh so I’m back with another post for Love Out Loud Asia (LOLA) again (it’s my second post with them!) and well, the topic I’ve picked is:

Why should all couples travel together?

Us at the Fisherman's Wharf in Taiwan (: 

Personally, I really enjoy traveling with the boyfriend quite a bit although we’ve only been on a couple of vacations together (like Taiwan and BKK), but traveling together has definitely helped us learn more about each other!

So here’s my take on why:

1.  Being in a foreign country means that you are both stuck to each other; you have to make it work
a.        No escaping problems/quarrels
b.       Learning to compromise

Both of you have to stick with each other no matter what, so basically, you can’t just decide to run off after a fight or quarrel like how you can do if you’re back at home. It helps you to face the issue and to resolve it on the spot instead of leaving the discontentment buried away. I’ve always believed in resolving fights within the day because I feel that keeping the anger overnight does no good at all to a relationship. Travelling would help both partners to learn how to cope with discontentment together.

2. It allows you to discover traits or habits that you’ve never really noticed much before

Ever seen how your partner is like in the mornings when he or she has just woken up after a long day of sightseeing? Is he or she someone who likes to wake up early to make full use of the day while on vacation, or someone who prefers to take things slow by recuperating during the holiday with lots of sleep?

Going on vacation with your significant other would help you to learn more about the habits that your partner holds. It helps to assess how similar or different some aspects or ideas that you may have and being abroad also means living with each other for that time frame. For instance, I’m extremely messy and last-minute but on the other hand, my boyfriend is one who must have a plan and itinerary when traveling. So I basically left the planning to him and at times I would delay the plans he had because I overslept (oops, and I’m a super grumpy person in the morning when I don’t have enough sleep hahaha) or I would come up with other stuff to do at the very last minute. I would say yes we did have some discontentment while traveling, but it worked out pretty well in the end because I guess it was a good balance of spontaneity and plans! I would also take into consideration how he felt about it and go to bed earlier so that I could wake up earlier in the morning to start our next day! (:  So travelling together helps you to discover each other in ways never before, and it also sort of amplifies certain traits of your partner that you may not have ever noticed before.

3. New experiences gained together

What better way to have more memories that you both share together than going on a vacation together? Being in a new city and country would mean new places to discover, new activities to take part in and new cuisines to try out together! It’s extra fun especially if it’s a destination that both of you have never been to before, because it forges brand new memories of that city and country for the both of you.

4. It helps you to rediscover each other

Vacations and travelling together means to have something to look forward to, it’s like an escape away from the usual grind because truth be told, we do tend to take things for granted when we are overly comfortable in a relationship. Being away from a routine lifestyle with each other would help to recreate sparks in a relationship. Traveling would help you to rediscover things that you love about your partner and to appreciate him or her all over again. Little things such as him holding your hand and making sure that you’re not out of his sight, or the way she falls asleep on your shoulder on a long train ride while holding you tightly, would let you realize and remember once more why did you fall for each other in the very beginning (:

So yes, go ahead, take that leap of faith and book that trip with your significant other! Start on your very own crazy adventure together today (: 

Ending off with a photo of Tzu and I cycling at Qi Xing Tan, Hualien, Taiwan

Ah I miss my travel days! Can't wait for dec (: 

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