Friday, 6 September 2013

Le Chocolat Cafe.

Decided that my blog is way too dead, and I should update it much more often, so here's a short post about my visit to Le Chocolat Cafe (:

[ On a side note, I got approved to apply for my Industrial Internship Program(IIP) despite being late to complete my safety quiz SO YAYYY, mega thankful because I really don't want to do a Final Year Project (FYP) for the next semester ]

Tzu and I visited Le Chocolat Cafe on a Saturday afternoon about 3 weeks ago to try out the super pretty Rainbow Cake and to have a nice and quiet afternoon date out (:

What I wore: White Spag Top from Zara Basics, and Santiago Maxi Skirt from Love Bonito (:

The skirt's prints are super lovely in real life, and it's definitely one of my best buys from the LB sales! (: So lucky to have seen this on the racks and to have grabbed it successfully hehe. 

Our coffees (:

Tzu had the Caramel Macchiato and I had a Latte, which came along with the highly raved Rainbow Cake! The Caramel Macchiato tasted better than my Latte tho! 

The pretty slice of cake

The Rainbow Cake tasted pretty good to me actually, although I've read some posts about how it's not very yummy. I thought the chocolate coating around it was sweet and overall, the taste of the cake was great with our coffees (:

 So we spent that Saturday afternoon there, catching up and talking about anything and everything while enjoying a cuppa each and had a yummy slice of cake to share (: And I really love quiet cafe dates as such, cause it feels really nice to just chill around with him and spend some quality time together away from the usual dates out in town! 

Le Chocolat Cafe
28 Ann Siang Road

And I shall end off here, so thankful that I have Fridays off from school! 

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