Monday 28 March 2016

Vast fields.

There's just something about nature that's alluring, calm and beautiful.

Stumbled upon this patch of fields and trees near my sister's place and Tzu took a series of photos just before the sun set last Saturday. 

Tzu was just mentioning how rare it was to find plain fields like these without the high rise buildings in Singapore nowadays, and I agreed. Sometimes, less is more indeed. Been more reflective lately about the choices I make, and plus, the sunset looked really gorgeous that evening too.

I'm dressed in The Closet Lover's Zendall pants and Georgina top - the pants are made of an extremely soft material which makes it really comfortable to wear and the top is a basic that every girl should have; it'll probably go with every and any bottom you own in the wardrobe!

I also tried out IDS's Diamond Dust Perfector that day for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it kept my skin looking matte from late afternoon and all through the night. Personally, I don't really use foundation on a daily basis, so I'll be keeping this product for special occasions which I want to up my makeup game? Haha. But it's definitely a good product to use for girls who prefer the matte look as it doesn't feel grimy or oily even after a day's use.

 For girls who are interested to get it, you can email in to and quote my name to get $5 for every 2 bottles of DD purchased (this includes free delivery too!) (:

Outfit (including sandals): The Closet Lover
Makeup: IDS's Diamond Dust Perfector

Love, Jo 

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